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On the morning of June 10, 2002, all children at the Jan Kochanowski Gimnazjum No 1 in Wielkie Oczy attended a special meeting dedicated to the winners of the 2002 essay contest.

The winners are ...

Urszula Kaciuba was awarded 1st place honors and a prize of 300 zloty for her essay entitled Polish-Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in Wielkie Oczy. She also submitted a photo taken in the 1930s. In the photo we can see a group of Christian children, and in the background the "new" synagogue and behind it, a fragment of the old Beit Ha-Midrash, which no longer exists.
To read Urszula's essay and see the photo she submitted click here:

Magda Knap was awarded 2nd place honors and a prize of 200 zloty for her essay entitled The History of Jews of Wielkie Oczy as Seen through Polish Eyes.
To read Magda's essay click here:
Anita Kracyla was awarded 3rd place honors and a prize of 100 zloty for her essay entitled: The Historic Outline of the Jewish Culture in Wielkie Oczy Between the Wars. Along with her essay, Anita also submitted a color picture of the  synagogue painted by her. For her painting, Anita received the book An Artist Manual: Drawing and Painting, Techniques and Materials
To read Anita's essay and see the painting she submitted click here:
HonMention A Special Mention award of a set of artist oil paints was given to Barbara Kociolek for her submission of a black and white drawing of the Wilkie Oczy synagogue.

The contest was by all accounts a great success. A standard of excellence for future participants was set by all those who participated in this, the first annual essay contest.

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