The Vengrov Yizkor Book

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Cover and title page of Vengrov: Sefer Zikharon

Vengrov: Sefer Zikharon [Vengrov: Memorial Book] was edited by Moshe Tamari and published in Tel Aviv in 1961. On its title page, the book is called Kehilat Vengrov: Sefer Zikharon [Vengrov Community: Memorial Book]. The book has been digitalized in its entirety by the New York Public Library and may be viewed on the Library's website.

Although the yizkor book was written in Hebrew and Yiddish, several sections have been translated into English. These include the table of contents and the introduction. The yizkor book also contains two [admittedly incomplete] lists of those from Vengrov who perished during the Holocaust, one of which apparently was complied in Israel, the other in Argentina. The translations of these lists have been published on the website of JewishGen’s Yizkor Book Project.

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