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In this photograph taken in pre-war Vengrov, pictured on the left is the
Gurman family's wine store. On the right is the store of Chaim Holland.

The Vengrov yizkor book martyrs list contains the following names:

Gurman Masha and husband
Gurman Moshe, his wife and their children
Gurman Yosef and his wife Naomi.

It is not known whether any of these people are from the family that owns the store. Note also
that their surnames are given in the martyrs list as Gorman, but this probably is a transliteration error.


This has been identified as a photograph of "the Holland family" of Vengrov.

The Vengrov yizkor book martyrs list contains the following names:

Holland Berel (Berik) his wife Mirel nee Bronstein, and their children
Holland Mendel, his wife Gittel nee Marovka and their children Chaim, Simcha

It is not known whether this is the family that owned the store pictured above. However, it is
of interest that one of the children is named Chaim, perhaps in memory of the family patriarch.

These two photographs were donated to this website by Radoslaw Jozwiak, a history teacher
in Vengrov who wrote that the "history of Jews from Wegrow is very interesting for me."

If you can identify any of the people in these photographs, please contact the Webmaster.

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