Zimmerman Family

These photos were made available by Ruth Stern, daughter of Shprinzte, and granddaughter of Shlomo (1860-1939) and Rachel Zimmerman.  Shlomo and Rachel had 8 children:  Lewis (1891-1975), Molly Koppel (1895-1990), Chasya Milon, Yehudit (Buneh) Lerman, Avraham, Shulamit (Shprintze) Sterman (d 1992), Sophie Batsheva
Rybak, and Moshe.  Molly and Lewis emigrated to the U.S., Sophie and Moshe were killed in the Holocaust, and the rest emigrated to Israel. (Be sure to read about Sophie Rybak who emigrated to the U.S., didn't like it, so returned to Lithuania and married a Rokiskis man.)
This is the grave of Rachel Zimmerman who died in 1917. Standing next to the grave is her daughter Shprintze Zimmerman.  The identity of the man is unknown, but possibly he is Rachel's son.  Information courtesy of Ruth Stern, daughter of Shprintze and granddaughter of Rachel.  We don't know the date of the photo but it has to pre-date 1935, when Shprintze left Uzpaliai for Israel.          

Shlomo Zimmerman, who was a Shochet (Jewish ritual slaughterer) and butcher and his daughter Shprintze, in about 1920.  (mother and grandfather of Ruth Stern, who contributed these photos) 

Miriam and Moshe Zimmerman lived in Plungian with their son
and daughter and all died in the war.

Ze'ev Wulf Zimmerman, born in Plungian May 13 ,1927 and his sister Rachel Zimmerman, in Plungian March 11,1928.  They were the son and daughter of Moshe and Miriam Zimmerman and died in the Holocaust.

Ze'ev Wulf Zimmerman at his Bar Mitzvah in 1940

This is a pictures of the 6 surviving Zimmerman siblings, taken in Israel in 1959.  This was the first time that Shprintze, the youngest, met her two eldest siblings, Molly and Lewis, who had emigrated to the US before she was born. 

They are standing in reverse birth order from left to right: Shulamit   (Shprintze) Sterman, Avraham Zimmerman, Yehudit (Buneh) Lerman, Chasya Milon, Molly Koppel, and Lewis Zimmerman.