Uzpaliai in 1926

Bridge St, View from the church

Commentary of Vitalijus Karalius:

Possibly taken from the church, but more likely from the belfry - which is a separate building. Since most, if not all of the buildings pictured are gone, it is hard to tell how the alignment of the street differed back then. The church, which is visible below the belfry, has a completely different view. The photo is unusual in that the Mogen David is clearly visible atop a symbolic "gate" - evidently decorated for whatever was being celebrated. The "gate" appears wrapped in decoration of some sort. My guess would be springtime - most of the folks in the picture are not in heavy winter clothing, possibly around Passover. The photo is apparently taken late in the day, judging from the shadows, and the view is almost identical to that in the photo "Uzpaliai Marketplace" - just a much wider view. All the foreground buildings pictured in both photos are likely Jewish owned.

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