1870 Map of Uzpaliai


Commentary of Vitalijus Karalius:

Prepared by a Russian (government) surveyor by the name of Andrejev, and part of a much larger survey. The map/plot plan has to be viewed in the historical context of the 1863 uprising against the central government. As punishment for the revolt, a significant portion of the populace around U×paliai was exiled to Siberia and, organized by the Russian government, Russian colonists were brought in to the area to replace them - about 111 families in all. A period map of where the Russian colonists were actually settled does not show any settlers within what were Jewish owned lots. To service the new arrivals, the government drew up plans for and later [1872] built the local Russian Orthodox Church and redistributed land in the general area of U×paliai. As part of the 1870 survey, the "outsider's" holdings in and around the town were documented. The Jewish cemetery is visible at the bottom of the plan.

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