The Holocaust in Uzpaliai 

From the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel tables Mass Murder Sites and Dates: 551 Uzpaliai Jews were slaughtered in the Rasa forest on August 8, 1941

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From the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel, excerpts from a lecture given by Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Wiesenthal Center, Jerusalem, at the conference on "Litvaks in the World," August 2001

... In at least forty communities, Jews were physically attacked by their Lithuanian neighbors before the Nazis arrived, and in many places such attacks were accompanied by indescribable brutality. In Uzpaliai, the murderer Caponis raped the daughter of the local rabbi Leib Kamerantz in front of him and then imprisoned Rabbi Kamerantz for several days without food or water before finally executing him. ...


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