Cemetery in Uzpaliai

MACEVA has added the Uzpaliai Jewish Cemetery to the cemeteries that it seeks to preserve in Lithuania.  MACEVA is a non-profit, group that aims to preserve old Jewish cemeteries, to create a virtual Jewish cemetery database, digitizes tombstones and searches for  volunteers in order to fulfill this work.  Take a look at its photos and a short video on their website.   

Gate at the entrance to the Uzpaliai Jewish Cemetery

"The Old Jewish Cemetery
The memory of those who died is sacred/holy"





(Photo courtesy of Arky and Bev Berkal)

Year unknown, 1920's or 1930's

(photograph courtesy of Ruth Stern)


This is the grave of Rachel Zimmerman who died in 1917. Standing next to the grave is her daughter Shprintze Zimmerman.  The identity of the man is unknown, but possibly he is Rachel's son.  Information courtsey of Ruth Stern, daughter of Shprintze and granddaughter of Rachel. We don't know the date of the photo but it has to pre-date 1935, when Shprintze left Uzpaliai for Israel.          

Person and date are unknown
(Photos courtesy of Yakov Kopelansky)  


Cemetery  1995 

The Uzpaliai Cemetery is still standing in fair condition.  Most of the stones are early 20th century and, as usual in Eastern Europe, do not include family names. Click here to see a partial list of names.

Regina Kopilevich reading tombstones, July 1995.

(photograph courtesy of Linda Cantor)


Near the grave of Rachel Zimmerman, summer of 2007

(photograph courtesy of Ruth Stern)


to see a photo  of the Gravestone of Reiche-Elka, daughter of Reb Benjamin Hertz [Raff], Died 10 Adar 5677 (1917) taken in Ushpol in 1930.

to see a Partial List of Names of those buried in the Uzpaliai cemetery

to see the names of those buried in the Ushpoler Benevolent Society plot at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, NY

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