Blostein Family

Michel Berkal, Chaikeh Katz Blostein, and Joe Blostein

Chaikeh (1890-1983) is the daughter of Rasha Devorah Berkal and Mendel Katz ha Cohen and the wife of Joe Blostein. 

Michel (1886-1964) and his wife Sora Ulman (1890-1964), along with Joe and Chaikeh Katz Blostein,  and Chaikeh Berkal and Yankel Margolis emigrated to Switzerland in about 1911, staying about a year. They then emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada.
Sora Etta Raisa and Rabbi Avraham Blostein. She was a daughter of Tzvi Eliyahu  Berkal and Brina Margolis Berkal.  They emigrated from Uzpaliai to Boston, MA.  (At some point they were in Dvinsk, Latvia as we have records showing the birth of their son Yekhil in Dvinsk in 1903.)

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