This page is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather David (Dejo) Klein (1889-1944) and his parents Itzhak (Ignac) Klein (1839-1909) and Berta Gross (?) all born in Tiszakeresceny.

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My grandparents:  Dejo Klein and Roza Engelman. 

Tiszakerecseny is situated in the northeastern part of Hungary, inside the so-called embankment area, close to the right bank of the river Tisza (in the Upper-Tisza, between Tokaj --where the "wine of kings, the king of wines" is produced-- and Debrecen) in the Bereg-Tiszahat region. 

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Tiszak Cemetery

Beit Olam – Izraelita Temeto Overview of the cemetery

The Jewish cemetery of Tiszakerecseny,   "Beit Olam – Izraelita Temeto", is surrounded by a wall, and is generally in a poor state. Trees and plants are growing everywhere and cover tombs. 

My great-grandfather Ignac Klein's putative tombstone

The oldest tomb dates 1865. A tombstone inscription can be viewed here. 

The names on the few readable tombstones were recently (September 1999) recorded by my son and his friends.

1. Unknown


2. Maya Yehuda ben Maya Yaacov (Kahan) Katz 

d. Adar Bet 1932

3. Maya Sara Bat Maya Naftali Isaschar wife of Maya Yehuda Kahan


4. Israel Meir Ben Asher Emil

d. 21 Shvat 1902

5.Mordechai David Ben Maya Shlomo Itzhak

d. 3 Cheshvan 1895

6. Marat Perl Bat R. Mordechai Haim (Zvi) 

d. 7 Eyar 1930

7. Hynda? Leah Bat Israel Zeev 

d. 11 Sivan 1906

8. Sara 

d. 4 Adar 1910

9.Marat Tzirel Bat Shimon

d. 22 Av 1907

10. Eizik (Itzik)? Ben Noah David

d. 9 Tevet 1909

11. Yehuda Hel/ Yachis?……Israel Halevi

d. 6 Cheshvan 1902

12. Marat Rachel Bat Moshe

d. 19 Elul 1899

13. Vital? Moshe Meir 

d. 19 Sivan 1901

14. Sachar Betzalel Ben Maya Yosef Yehuda

d. 11 Tishrei 1935

15. Naftali Hertzka Ben Aharon 

d. 9 Sivan 1903/1905

16. Ben-Tzion Ben Moshe 

d.1 Kislev 1906

17. Charna wife of Avraham Tzvi Maramos 

d. 25 Adar 1902

18. Marat Fima Bat Mordechai Shlomo 


19. Israel Zeev Ben Avraham Tzvi

d. 18 Kislev 1917

20. Mordechai Ben Hayim Yehuda 

d. 28 Tamuz 1919

21 unknown


22. Haya Sara Bat Shlomo


23. Marat Golde Bat Maya Shlomo Yaacov Frenkel wife of Hayim Gross (mother's name Tzirel)


24. Yishay Isaar Ben Golde 

d. 26 Tamuz 1900

25. Shalom Dov Ben Rachel 

d. 4 Kislev 1902

26. Marat Golde Bat Maya Isaar

d. 4 Kislev 1900


They also recorded vital data of the Klein and Gross families preserved at the local Town Hall. For details regarding those names, you are welcome to contact me ( The town Mayor and his staff were very kind and helpful with my son and his friends. In the courtyard of the Town Hall, there is a monument where the names of the jews in the ghetto are inscribed. 

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Ghetto monument in the courtyard of Town Hall


The names on the memorial are listed below.

Bernath Samuel and his wife

Bernath Zoltan

Bernath Yoszef

Bernath Deszo

Friedman Jeno and his wife

Friedman Maria

Friedman Sandor

Grosz Leopold and his wife

Grosz Farkas

Grosz Magdolna

Klein Ignac’s wife

Klein Jeno and his wife

Klein Herman

Klein Lajos

Rooz Artur and his wife

Rooz Erzsebet

Rooz Eva

Roth Joszef

Roth Magdolna

Roth Zoltan and his wife

Schonherger Bence and wife

Schonherger Judit

Schonherger Jolan

Schonherger Valeria

Schvarcz Menvhert and wife

Schvarcz Jeno

Schvarcz Hajnalka

Schvarcz Sandor

Warmest thanks to my dear son Ory and his friends Arik, Eve and Laszlo who did this great work. I would also like to thank the Town Mayor and his staff for being so kind and helpful with my son and his friends.


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