Appendix 1

A partial list of Rabbis who served in Tavrig

Aryeh-Leib ben Shaul (approx. 1820-1830). As a result of frequent blood libels, decided to study French in order to be able to converse with government officials and estate owners, for which his wife divorced him. It was recorded that on one of these cases he went to Petersburg in order to meet Tzar Nikolai the First, but there are no details. Travelling back in carts he became ill and died in Vilna in the spring of 1839, but was buried in Tavrig.

Shimon Zarkhi (born 1788 in Zhezhmer - died 1860 in Jerusalem). During a famine in 1847, Rabbi Zarkhi took an important part in helping the poor. He studied Algebra and Astronomy by himself and also read Latin and Greek books. He arrived in Jerusalem in 1856 where he founded the "Talmud-Torah" "Etz- Chaim".

Mosheh-Yitskhak haLevi Segal, in Tavrig from 1854.

Gershon-Mendel Ziv, in Tavrig 1880-1902.

Yitskhak-Ze'ev Olshwanger (1825 in Plungian-1896 in Petersburg), in Tavrig 1846-1878, was active in the "Khovevei Zion" movement, later Rabbi in Petersburg where he studied sciences, knew Russian and German well.

Avraham-Aharon haCohen Burstein (1867-1926 in Jerusalem). A delegate to the Katowitz conference of "Agudath-Yisrael" in 1912, came to Israel in 1924 and was a teacher at the "Merkaz Harav" yeshivah in Jerusalem till his death.

Yitskhak-Izik Fridman (1874-1944). One of the founders and leaders of the "Mizrakhi" party in Lithuania. Arrived in Israel in 1935 and was the Rabbi of the "Nakhalath-Yitskhak" quarter of Tel-Aviv for nine years. Published many books on religious and Judaic issues.

Levi-Tsevi Shpitz (1887-1941) the last Rabbi of Tavrig, murdered by Lithuanians in July 1941.

Righteous Teachers.

Shelomoh Fridberg (1868); Barukh-Nathanel Naividel, born in Tavrig in 1847; Yosef Gorfinkel; Duber Toiber; David-Shelomoh Epstein;


Appendix 2

A partial list of personalities born in Tavrig.

Shemuel-Yosef Shereshevsky (1831-died in New York), translated the Bible into Chinese, lived many years in Tokyo.

Iser-Ber Wolf (1844-1935), industrialist, philanthropist and public worker in Kovno.

Menakhem-Dov Dagutsky (1846-?), 1886 Rabbi in Birmingham, 1891-Johannesburg, 1896- Rochester.

David-Teveli Katsenelenboigen (1850-1931), Rabbi in Virbaln, Suwalk, and St.Petersburg, public worker and author of books on talmudic subjects.

Barukh Rabinovitz (1880-?) Rabbi in Zuhovitz, Vitebsk and from 1926 in Chicago.

Chaim-Fishel Epstein (1874-1942), Chief Rabbi in Dorpat (Latvia) and lecturer at the local university. From 1923 Rabbi in Cleveland, Cincinati, Brooklyn and St.Louis. Officiated as President of the Orthodox Rabbis Society and published books and articles.

Sh.P.Rabinovitz (1845-1911), writer and translator. Published books on Jewish history in Warsaw and translated "The History of the Jewish People" by Graetz into Hebrew. (8 volumes)

Beinish Epstein (1896-1981). From 1926 in America, published articles in the American Jewish press, in the Warsaw "Moment" and in Hebrew periodicals in Israel.

Y.L. Barukh (Borukhovitz (1873-1953), writer and translator, from 1926 in Israel, published poems, stories, historic and literary essays in the Hebrew press and translated more than 20 books from Yiddish, English and German into Hebrew. Died in Tel-Aviv.

Dr. Aba Lapin (1863-1940), physician and public worker, chairman of the Historic-Ethnographic Society of Lithuanian Jews and member of the Zionist center.

Dr.Meirovitz famous surgeon, who worked for many years at the Jewish Hospital "Bikur-Kholim" in Kovno.

Reuven Barkath (1905-?), son of Rabbi A.A.Burstein, member of the labor party center in Eretz-Yisrael, member of the directorate of the "Workers Association", Ambassador of Israel to Norway, Chairman of the 7th Knesseth".

Yehoshua Avni (Goldberg) one of the first settlers in Herzliyah.


Appendix 4

List of exiled Tavrig Jews to Komi SSR in June 1941.

(supplied by Eliezer Paluksht)

Abramovitz Nakhman* + 4 family members

Aronson Yevsey * + 3 family members

Berman Hirsh + 1 family member

Bernstein Feivel + 0 family members

Berman Orl * + 1 family member

Gudel Albert + 3 family members

Gitkin Yosef + 2 family members

Gitkin Iliya + 1 family member

Hirzon Avraham * + 3 family members

Epel Avraham + 2 family members

Epstein Yisrael * + 4 family members

Fridman Mendel * + 4 family members

Kaplan Yisrael + 2 family members

Palagin Max * + 1 family member

Paluksht Nathan * + 4 family members

Pubzup Gedalyah * + 3 family members

Shereshevsky Herzl + 3 family members

(*) died in exile

Altogether 17 families with 58 people were exiled from Tavrig to Komi SSR. A few of the family heads were sent to the terrible Reshoty camps in Siberia.

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