Righteous Gentiles

ZALWOWSKI, Franciszek (1887-1966)
ZALWOWSKI, Tekla (1890-1981) wife
ZALWOWSKI, Michal (1925-) son
ZALWOWSKI, Jozef (1929-) son
ZALWOWSKI, Stanislaw, son
ZALWOWSKI, Wladyslaw, son

The Zalwowskis farmed at Zbaraż, Tarnopol prov. They had five sons. In June 1943 the Germans liquidated the Zbaraż ghetto, deporting some Jews to Belzec, killing others on the spot. Michal Zamojre and Izaak Kornberg, escaped from the massacre and the deportation and came to the Zalwowkis for help. The latter made a hideout in the pigsty, with an exit outside the farm buildings. Stanislaw brought the Altscher couple with a newborn baby into his home. Stanislaw and Michal took the baby to the Sisters telling them that they found it. Tekla discovered in the bushes two girls (8-10) crying bitterly. Their mother had been killed in an "Aktion". The girls were placed with Franciszek's sister, Maria Kozak. All the fugitives survived. In 1944 the Altschers recovered their daughter from the Sisters. Maria Kozak and the Sisters do not seem to be recognized. See Grynberg, op. cit.

DUDAR, Antoni
DUDAR, Wiktoria, wife
DUDAR-SZUBER, Stanislawa, daughter

The Dudars farmed at Dobrowody, near Zbaraż, Tarnopol prov. Antoni used to bring food to Jews in the Zbaraż ghetto. In 1943 Mosze Szwadron with his wife escaped from it and hid in the forest where Antoni brought food to them as well as to Mosze's sister, Bejla Rozenberg and to Maria Fleiszman. Later the Dudars took them into their farmstead. Mosze and Antoni built a shelter and Wiktoria or Stanislawa brought them food. Dramatic moments were not lacking, when the Ukrainian Bandera group raided the farm and when the retreating German soldiers occupied it. But all luckily survived. The Szwadrons went to Israel and after many years resumed, through the Red Cross, contacts with the Dudars. See: Grynberg, op. cit.

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