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Zbaraż Town Views

Photos taken in May 2008 by Alex Denysenko .
Part of a project sponsored by the Suchostaw Region Research Group (SRRG)

zbaraz_0078_town_center.jpg (1 Mbyte)

View of the town's center
from the castle mountain

  zbaraz_0083_town_center.jpg (955 Kbytes)

View of the town's center
from the castle mountain


zbaraz_0079_main_castle_gate..jpg (967 Kbytes)

The main gate to the castle.

  zbaraz_0080_castle_fortification.jpg (925 Kbytes)

The fortification of the castle


zbaraz_0077_artificial_pond.jpg (832 Kbytes)

Artificial pond located right under
the castle - created by the local
river closed by a lock.

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