The Eisenberg Family of Uscie Biskupie

Submitted by Usher and Ellen Caplan


Litman Eisenberg (1855–1931), probably 1920–1921


Sima Eisenberg, born Nagler 1858–1942 Haifa, probably taken 1920–1921


Sima Eisenberg, probably 1931.


Litman Eisenberg and Sima Nagler were both born in Uscie Biskupie, but moved to nearby Mielnica around 1914 to escape violence against the Jews. In both towns, Litman made his living as the successful owner of a very large general store.

The couple’s five children who survived into adulthood were:

  1. Paje Hinda (“Babtche,” later Pnina, 1879–1941), who married Menachem Mendel Scharfstein (1873–1948);

  2. Brana (Breina, “Brantche,” 1882–1959), who married Chaim Shlomo Weisbrod/Frum (1880–1914);

  3. Sarah Dvora (“Surtche,” 1890–1991), who married Moishe Aaron (“Seide,” later Sam) Giniger/Klinger (1883–1962);

  4. Josef (Chaim Yossel, “Seide,” 1893–1942), who married Eidel Shapira (1900–1942); and

  5. Bernhard (Hersh Berl, “Berish,” “Bertche,” 1895–1942), who married Ruchel Axelrod (died 1942).


Paje Hinda Eisenberg (“Babtche,” later Pnina), 1879 – 1941 Haifa, married Menachem Mendel Scharfstein, possibly taken 1900–1910


Menachem Mendel Scharfstein 1873–1948 Haifa possibly taken 1900–1910


Menachem Mendel Scharfstein, taken around 1916–1918


Paje Hinda and Menachem Mendel Scharfstein, Vienna, 1923, with their five children and a son-in-law. 
At rear, Yehoshua ("Shiko," 1902–1952), Batya (1898–1982) with her husband Meir Lauterbach (1888–1963),
and Eliyahu (“Shari," 1911–1999). In front, Dov (1909–1929) and Zilpa (1913–1991).
By 1939, all of them had emigrated to Israel


Paje Hinda and Menachem Mendel Scharfstein, their daughter, Batya, and her husband Meir, Vienna, 1933


Paje Hinda and Menachem Mendel Scharfstein, Haifa, 1937


Brana (Breina, “Brantche,”) 1882–1959 Haifa, married Chaim Shlomo Weisbrod / Frum (1880–1914), Lvov, probably 1922


Brana Weisbrod with her sons, Naftali (1909 –2006) and Shmuel (1906–1980), both of whom were born in Uscie Biskupie and died in Haifa, taken in Lvov, 1932


Brana Weisbrod, Haifa, around 1940


Sarah Dvora (“Surtche,”) 1890–1991 Montreal, married Moishe Aaron (“Seide,” later Sam) Giniger/Klinger (1883–1962), possibly taken around 1910


Sarah Eisenberg, possibly around 1915

Moishe Aaron Klinger with his parents, Yenta Giniger, born Klinger, and Zalman Giniger, probably taken 1900–1905.


Wedding of Moishe Aaron Klinger and, Sarah Eisenberg, 5 March 1920


The Klingers with the first three of their five children, Pearl, Sydney, and Yetta, Montreal, 1926

Josef (Chaim Yossel), “Seide” Eisenberg 1893–1942, Mielnica, married Eidel Shapira (1900 – 1942) possibly taken 1916–1918



Josef and Bernhard (Hersh Berl, “Berish,” “Bertche,”) Eisenberg, possibly taken around 1920.


Josef Eisenberg, possibly around 1920.


Eidel and Josef Eisenberg, possibly early 1920s.


Bernhard Eisenberg, 1916


Bernhard Eisenberg, probably around 1918


Bernhard Eisenberg (right) and an unidentified friend, possibly around 1920.

Bernhard Eisenberg and his wife Ruchel Axelrod Eisenberg ( - 1942), possibly around 1925.


Yosef and Faige Eisenberg, the children of Bernhard and Ruchel, 1933


Yosef and Faige Eisenberg, 1934

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