Flower Pot

Submitted by Joan Baronberg

Joan Baronberg wrote to Tom Weiss at Passover time: "I have only one possession that originated in Suchostaw, and I am washing it now. My gm brought a pot (we used to call it the flower pot) with her when she came from Suchostaw to New York at age 16. The pot looks rather like something you would use for a plant. It is about 10" deep, highly glazed, deep brown, very shiny, and in perfect condition. I like to think that it belonged to my grandmother's mother (who died in Suchostaw in about 1920). My grandmother used this pot every Passover and only for Passover. For Seder, she would make a pudding in the pot. She called it a potato kaisel, and it was a favorite of her son's. The potato kaisel was something fairly frothy and probably had grated potatoes, lots of eggs, and matzah meal. I hated it! I've never seen "potato kaisel" before or since and would love to hear if anyone else knows of it. Since my mother and I both hated the kaisel, my grandmother would usually make us our favorite dish at another time during the Passover week. This too was baked in the flower pot. This dish was a relative of traditional blintzes but made from matza meal and filled with apples. She'd make each "blintz" separately in a little sauté pan, then fill each with cooked apples seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, then roll each blintz. Then she'd pack all the blintzes tightly together into the flower pot and put the pot in the oven.

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