The Rubin Family of Strusów

submitted by Barbara Musikar

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Golde Rubin and her children
Front Row,  Left to Right:
Sosya,  Srul,  Bracha (baby),  Golde Rubin,  David,  Brane
Back Row,  Left to Right:
Salka, Sabina
Golde Rubin was Barbara Musikar's grandmother.
David, the fourth child on the front row is Barbara's father
Photo taken c. 1916


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Golde Rubin's children:
Front Row:  Left to Right:
Bracha,  Brane,  Abraham,  David,  Srul
Back Row:  Left to Right:
Sabina,  Salka,  Sosya
Photo taken c. 1920
David, the fourth child on the front row is Barbara Musikar's father

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Golde Rubin's children:
Left to Right:
Abraham,  David, Srul,  Bracha,  Sabina
Photo taken 1921

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Photo of Pinchas Rubin Ha- Levi - bearded man on the left.
Pinchas Rubin served in the Austrian Army during WW1.
He was a Corporal and a Medic in a Hospital Unit.
Barbara Musikar's grandfather.

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