Alphabetical Potok Złoty 1929 Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch

Name of Person / Owner Occupation / Business
Augustynówicz  A.   Potter
Baran  Fischel   Leather / Hides
Biliński  F. Joiner / Carpenter
Borohodoner  I.   Tinsmiths
Borysewicz  Adam dr. Lawyer
Buckwald  N. Baker
Cmikiewitz  K. Potter
Distenfeld  I.   Fabric Merchant
Dłużniewska  M. Tobacco Products
Eisner  O.   Tinsmith
Fenster  M.   Baker
From  M.   Oil Manufacturer
Geffner  M.   Liquor Stores
Gelbart  Ch.   Variety Store / Sundries
Gniewosz  Aleks. Commandant of the Volunteer Fire Brigade
Gniewosz  Aleks. Landowner
Gniewosz  A. Steam Powered Mill
Gniewosz  A.   Oil Manufacturer
Golber  J.   Leather / Hides
Hochman  R.   Midwive
Hubrzer  M. Leather / Hides
Jasińsky  K. Wheelwright
Jungfrau  R.   Midwive
Jungfrau  W.   Hairdresser
Kaziewicz  H.   Cobbler / Shoe Repairer
Koch  F.   Iron Products / Cast Iron / Hardware
Körbholz  M. Tinsmith
Kostecki  M.   Restaurant
Krzeczkowski  M. dr. Lawyer
Kuchcicki  O. Restaurant
Kuchcicki  Władisław Mayor
Landau Herman dr. Physician
Leszczuk  U. Blacksmith
Ługowy  J. Potter
Pastor  M. Joiner / Carpenter
Pokorny  M.   Tailor
Ringer  H.   Tailor
Roth  T.   Liquor Store
Rybicki  J. Cobbler / Shoe Repairer
Schnaps  A.   Iron Products / Cast Iron / Hardware
Schnaps  A.   Variety Store / Sundries
Schnaps  M. Fabric Merchant
Schmuster  J. Midwive
Schützer  Abr. dr. Lawyer
Serbeński  O. Cooper / Barrel Maker
SPORN  A. Tailor
Sporn  I. Hairdresser
Strauber  B. Horse Trader
Strauber  L.   Liquor Store
Tańczakowski  Stefan. Notary
Terucz  M. Liquor Store
Towpyka  M. Variety Stores / Sundries
Wiłkiewitz   J. Pharmacy


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