Conversation with Etca Geller

Submitted by Avi Schneebaum

Etca GELLER (b.1915 - d.2002) from Jagielnica was in hiding in Nagorzanka from the end of 1942. I noted in a conversation with her which took place in 1998 that she spoke of all the Jews of Nagorzanka being killed in the first akzia in Jagielnica on August 18th, 1942. She recalled that it took place in the light of a full moon on 14th day of Elul. The second akzia of Jagielnica took place on Simchat Torah 1942. After this Jagielnica was declared Judenrein by the Germans. 

About 350 Jagielnica Jews lived through the two akzias, they were placed in a labour camp located on the grounds of the Graf Lyantskoroynsky farm. The camp cultivated Kauchook for the manufacture of rubber. Most were shot into a death pit in early 1943, somewhere near Chortków. Jews from different locations including Chortków were brought in their place. Their fate was the same, shot into a death pit in late 1943 in Nagorzanka- on the Lyantskoroynsky grounds. Amongst the sole survivors was Avraham MORGENSTERN who gave his testimony on the Speilberg project. The pits were opened in 1944 by the liberating Russian army.

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