The Book of Harvest

Essays written by students of the Jagielnica Hebrew School (including pupils from Nagórzanka) on the eve of Purim, February 22, 1939

Submitted by Avi Schneebaum and Amnon Azmon
on behalf of the Jagielnica Research Group in Israel

On the eve of Purim, February 22, 1939, the Principal of the Hebrew school in Jagielnica, the poet A.D.Verbner, assembled his students instructing each of them to compose an essay on a subject of their choice. The essays were bound together and sent to the United States to Moshe Herzog, philanthropist and chairman of the Jagielnica Landsmanschaft Committee, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Many years later the manuscript pages were rescued by an alert Jew who retrieved them from a rubbish bin. The manuscripts were brought to Israel.

The Jagielnica Landsmanschaft Committee in Israel arranged for a limited number of copies of the manuscripts to be bound and distributed amongst Jagielnicians in Israel.

The original pages of the manuscript may be seen on this web site; they have not been edited in any way.

There are ten essays in Yiddish and one in Hebrew written by various functionaries and teachers. There are forty- six essays by students whose names are given, one essay is of unknown authorship. Some pages appear to be missing. Only four of the writers are known to have survived the Holocaust. Biographical details of some of the students appear in the narrative by Shoshana Shtramer ( Ruja Henig).

The essays reflect the cultural education provided by the Hebrew School in Jagielnica, the students fluency in Hebrew and their elegant calligraphy.

We are publishing this manuscript in memory of the staff and students of the Jagielnica Hebrew School.


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