The Greenfeld (Grünfeld) - Rothmann Family

Submitted by Norman Greenfeld

Gershon (Grünfeld) Greenfeld

Gershon is Norman Greenfeld's grandfather.

The name Grünfeld is Ashkenazic and comes from the word for green (gimel-resh-nun) and the word for field. Green was the color of the flag of the tribe of Schimon, Simon (Number II.6) and of the archangel Rafael (Zohar I,196). Greenfeld is the full Anglicized version: Greenfeld & Grinfeld are partially Anglicized versions. The name Gerschon can be found in Genesis 46:11. 

Gershon (Grünfeld) Greenfeld was born in Kopyczynce, in 10/24/1855, House # 187 .The Certificate of Birth has the phrase 'Birth certificate Israel Kopyczynce, L 205 pg, in upper right corner; Polish Republic in left corner and below this Administrative District Kopyczyniecki'. Center of certificate reads Vol I Page 17. 

Gerschon emigrated to USA about 1915, 60-yrs old, and lived at 216 Monroe St. Manhattan, NYC, NY, an apartment house with 8 families, in what was then the 4th Ward. In 1925, they lived at 218 Monroe St, a 10-family tenement. His occupation was listed as "peddler". Many Jews coming to US, needing jobs, listed themselves as peddlers. He died 17 October 1937.

Rosja (Rose) Rothmann

Rosja is Norman Greenfeld's grandmother.

Rosja (Rose) Rothmann arrived in the USA on November 13, 1909, having sailed from Hamburg November 4, 1909 on the S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, Hamburg-American Lines, Kapitan Reiser. She was 48 yrs-old, and accompanied by two daughters, Verbora (Dora), who was 9-yrs.old and Henny ( first listed as Chenie, male), 7-yrs old. They arrived in steerage, ham'l [Group #) 39, slots [List #] 25, 26, & 27. Listed in ship's manifest, Vol. 302, p.178. The 1909 passenger list is Vol. 2927 for microfilm search. They were required to stay on Ellis Island for a day (3 meals) because her son, Samuel, who had emigrated in 1905, was not there to take them home. Gerschon, Rose's husband came to USA about 1915, already 60-yrs old. While in Poland, Rosja was given an "Industrial Card" (Norman's translation), and approved to work in 1902, authorized by C. K. Starostwo in W. Husiatynie...a record exists in Vol III 12 line enrollment. She was described as born in Kopyczynce in 1861. The "card" seems to have given permission for Rosja to run a "store" from the house. 

Gershon Grünfeld married Rosja Rothmann (b.1861) and they had seven children, 
Three boys : Samuel, Hyman, and Joseph. 
Four girls: Jenny, Mary, Dora and Annie. 

Joseph, my father married Ettie Schultz in 1921; they had two children, Herman and Norman. 

Gerschon, Rosja, and their son, Samuel, are buried in the Kopyczynce Landsmanschaft plots, Block 18, Row 3, Grave 5 et al, in United Hebrew Cemetery, Staten Island, NY. (the 1st Kopyczyncer Lodge). Cemetery map indicates Gershon died 10-17-37. 

Ettie, Joseph and Herman are buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Iselin, NJ.


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