Ackerman Family Biography

submitted by Doron A. Tal-Tirkel

Olga Ackerman       (1915-1992)
Irena (Orah) Ackerman (1912-2001) (sitting)
Malvina Ackerman    (1910-Holocaust)
Zoshia Ackerman     (1908-Holocaust)
Adolf (Aba) Ackerman (1886-1926)
Anna (Channa) Zeltzer, Aba's wife (1888-Holocaust)(sitting)

Aba Adolf Ackerman was born 1886 in Lwow, Galicia, and died 1926 due to heart attack in Kopyczynce, Poland. His parents were Tzvi Hersh ACKERMAN and Sonia MORGENSTERN.

Aba married Anna (Channa) ZELTZER, daughter of Shimon Zeltzer and Tzipora Zelda. She was born 1888 and died 1942 in the Holocaust, in or near Kopyczynce.

Aba and Anna had 4 daughters:

  1. Zoshia Ackerman was born in 1908. She was married to Mr. KLEIN (we don't know his first name). She likely died in the Holocaust close to her mother, Anna.
  2. Malvina Ackerman born in 1910. Following WW2 there were rumors that Malvina and her Ukrainian boy friend survived the Holocaust.  However the Russian authorities could not confirm this information and the family lastly concluded that she perished in the Holocaust.
  3. Irena (Orah) Ackerman was born in 1912 died in 2001 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She made Aliyah in 1937 and changed her name to Orah (meaning light). Orah married Lonek (aka Jacob) WEISMAN of Stanislawow and is survived by two daughters, six grandchildren and four g-grandchildren (all residing in Israel).
  4. Olga Ackerman was born in 1915 in Vienna, during WW1 and died in 1992 in Haifa, Israel. She married Israel Menachem TIRKEL of Trembowla and is survived by a son and four grandchildren. She made Aliyah in 1938, joined the British Army (A.T.S. 1940-1945) and  was quite active along with her husband in the Haganah before and during the Isareli independance war.

Aba Adolf Ackerman was the headmaster of the local school of Kopyczynce, during the years 1918-26. Previously during WW1 (1914-18) he served as an officer in the Polish Army. During that period Anna and her daughters were residing in Vienna (Austria) until the war was over. At all other times they lived in Kopyczynce

Submitted by Doron A. Tal-Tirkel, son of Olga Ackerman Tirkel. Doron is the webmaster of the 'Turkel Tribe' website.

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