Faces of Janow
Includes a photo of Lusia LANDES

Submitted by Florence Rodman Klevit

Alex Kornblau, brother of Schulim, 1920

Bernard Rosenfeld, Gusta Kornblau, Ruth Pohoryles, ?, ?, Joseph Kornblau, 1938

Gusta Kornblau, 1939

Gusta Kornblau, 1939

Joseph Kornblau, 1939

Lusia Landes

Mundek and Gusta Kornblau, 1938

Mundek Kornblau, 1934

Mundek, Regina, and Gusta Kornblau, 1934

Pepi (Kornblau) Rodman, sister of Schulim, 1920

Pessie, Gusta, and Mundek Kornblau, 1938

Schulim and Sarah (Rosenblatt) Kornblau

The Kornblau family: Joseph, Regina, Schulim, Pessie, Gusta, and Mundek


Anna (Annie) KORNBLAU ERDE with her husband Binie ERDE, and their 3 sons.  Photo taken in Janów c. 1930's.
Anna, Birnie and sons perished in the Holocaust.

Anna (Annie) KORNBLAU ERDE and her two sons.  Photo taken in Janów, date unknown. 


Isaac (Eisig) KORNBLAU. Photo taken In Janów c. 1915.
Isaac was born in Janów in 1867 and died in 1936.
Isaac was Florence Rodman Klevit's maternal grandfather
and Regina Kornblau Korngut's paternal grandfather

Leonard and Leah WEICH and their children.
From left to right:
Honey, Schmuel, Mielau and Martha. 
Photo taken in Janów c. !918
Martha WEICH married Morris KORNBLAU in 1928
Martha's sister Honey emigrated to the United States before WWII.
One of Martha's brothers emigrated to Argentine

The KORNBLAU - ROSENBLATT Family Biography.  Submitted by Florence Rodman Klevit

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