Righteous Gentiles: LACHOWICZ, Wojciech, (1889--1943) physician

Dr. Lachowicz lived at Jagielnica, near Czortkow. In June 1941 stopped there a transport of ca. 300 Hungarian Jews destined for Kamieniec Podolski . Among them was Dr. Icchak Josyfowicz, also a physician. The Ukrainian guards of the transport, benefited from his medical care. Wojciech got the permission of the Ukrainian district head, Kanal, to keep Dr. Josyfowicz with his family in Jagielnica, taking him to his house. The Hungarian doctor was allowed to practice medicine. In 1942 he returned with his family to Hungary and lived there until the liberation. By contrast, the Ukrainian nationalists killed Dr. Lachowicz on September 16, 1943.

Full Biography: https://sprawiedliwi.org.pl/en/stories-of-rescue/story-rescue-lachowicz-wojciech

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