Righteous Gentiles: The Tatomir Family

TATOMIR, Jan (1894-1943)
TATOMIR, Julia (-1985) wife
TATOMIR-SZYMCZAK, Janina, daughter
TATOMIR-ZAK, Jozefa, daugther

The Tatomirs lived at Jaroslawice, Tarnopol prov. with their seven children. They hid on their farm the following six (6) Jewish persons:

Elza Redner-Berensztajn and her son Henio (4) whom Jan brought from the Buczacz ghetto.
Liba Mandel and her son Kuba (18) who had been hiding in a forest,
Antonina Kalafer and Nella Buchsbajewa. Both had been in a forced labor camp at Jagielnica, near Czortków.
In July 1943 the Germans liquidated the camp and murdered the inmates. Jan, who was a bricklayer by profession, built a proper hideout for all of them and all survived with the exception of Jan whom the Germans murdered in 1943. The Russian front approached and the population had to be evacuated, which meant death sentence for the Jews. So Janina, not knowing German, went to the unit stationed there and tried to explain them that she, her mother and her sister are very expert in peeling potatoes, so that they should not be evacuated. The next day she received a permit allowing them to stay for their work in the kitchen. The mother and the two elder daughters peeled potatoes working their fingers to the bone, but they remained.

Nella Buchsbbajewa in 1961 declared that all of them owe their life to the Tatomirs, who did not spare efforts, to keep all of them alive. Jan Tatomir was awarded posthumously the medal Righteous Among Nations

This information appears on the "Polish Righteous" webpage compiled and edited by Ms. Anna Poray. 
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