The Halitcher - Hornstein - Taub Family

Submitted by Bruce Taub

husiatyn_beryl_halitcher.jpg (75173 bytes)

Beryl Halitcher
Bruce Taub's mother's paternal Grandfather
Husiatyn, Poland

husiatyn_esather_levites.jpg (76325 bytes)

Bruce Taub's Great Grandmother Esther Levites Hornstein and possibly her daughter Clara Hornstein Wasserman or Rachel Hornstein Ratzenstein

husiatyn_benjamin_hornstein.jpg (60529 bytes)

Benjamin Hornstein (d. 1932)
Bruce Taub's maternal Great Grandfather
Husiatyn, Poland

husiatyn_esrher_hornstein.jpg (53383 bytes)

Esther Levites Hornstein (d. 1941)
Bruce Taub's maternal Great  Grandmother 
Husiatyn, Poland

husiatyn_pepe_hornstein.jpg (53694 bytes)

Pepe Hornstein Schertz
Bruce Taub's Grandmother's sister

husiatyn_dora_hornstein.jpg (30275 bytes)

Bruce Taub's Great Aunt Dora Ampel Glaser

husiatyn_bronia_ratzentein.jpg (38110 bytes)

Bronia Ratzenstein Rosenblatt
b. 1922 - Husiatyn

husiatyn_family_ratzentein.jpg (76071 bytes)

The Extended Hornstein Family

husiatyn_group_photo.jpg (69957 bytes)

Group photo taken in Husiatyn. Date Unknown

husiatyn_azriel_anna.jpg (28048 bytes)

Uncle Azriel, Tante Anna and child

husiatyn_wasserman_regina.jpg (43550 bytes)

Regina Wasserman
Daughter of Bruce Taub's Great Aunt Clara. 
Photo taken in Husiatyn.

husiatyn_halitcher_ethel.jpg (34756 bytes)

Ethel Hornstein Halitcher
b.1899 in Husiatyn.   d.-1964
Bruce Taub's maternal grandmother

The photos below tell their own story.
 Ethel Hornstein Halitcher immigrated to the USA and left behind her husband Uscher Selig Halitcher and 2-year-old daughter Anne (Halitcher Taub).  She saw her daughter growing up through photos sent to her on a regular basis.  Some of these photos can be seen here:
husiatyn_halitcher_anne_arrival.jpg (35690 bytes)

Ethel Hornstein Halitcher (1928)
and (?)
arrival in New York (?)

husiatyn_halitcher_1928.jpg (35722 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub
1928 (age 2)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne2.jpg (48985 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub
1928 (age 2)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne4.jpg (28904 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub,
Uscher Selig Halitcher
1930 (age 4)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne5.jpg (33318 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub
and schoolmate or cousin
1931 (age 5)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne6.jpg (44040 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub
1932 (age 6)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne6a.jpg (27225 bytes)

Anne Halitcher Taub,
Uscher Selig Halitcher
1932 (age 6)

husiatyn_halitcher_anne_reunited.jpg (31426 bytes)

The family reunited!

Anne Halitcher Taub,
Ethel Hornstein Halitcher,
Uscher Selig Halitcher
1933 (age 7)
New York

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