Dolina 1929 Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch


Village and community,
Czortków Powiat (County), Czortków County Court,
Czortków District Court.
870 inhabitants.
Railway station (2 km), Telegraph, Telephone
and Post Office in Jagielnica
1 Catholic Church

Landowners:  Lanckoroński count  Ant. (347)

Coopers / barrel makers :   Dutka  A.

Carpenters:   Żurawetski  I.

Book-Binders:   Bertaryn  P.

Groats / Animal Feed Mfrs. :  Wierzbicki  S. – Wiwsianyk

Wheelwrights:  Bertaryn  T.  –  Fedorciów  J.  –   Fedorciów  S.

Cooperatives:  “ Zhoda “

Blacksmiths:   Dworzyński  F.

Tailors:   Szewczuck  M.

Mills:  Kruhmann  S.

Variety Stores / Sundries:   Mikulak  O.  – Walzer  S.

Joiners /Carpenters:  Dutke  I.

Cobblers /Shoe Repairers:   Hnyda  P. – Tartaryn  S.

Tabacco products:  Kusznierek  G.

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