The Borszczów Ghetto

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The ghetto was formed in Borszczów on 1 April 1942 and operated until July 1943. The number of inhabitants was about 4,000 people. At first there was no fence around it, but the Jewish inhabitants were not allowed to go outside. The occupants came from Borszczów and with Jezierzany, Mielnica, Skala, Korolówka, Chortków and Zloczów

On 26 September 1942 about 100 prisoners, mostly old and sick, were shot on the square, and about 800 were sent to Belzec . A group of youth was sent to Janówska concentration camp in Lwów.

On 13 March 1943 other 400 people were sent to Belzec. On 19 April 1943 German and Ukrainian police shot about 800 people in a Jewish cemetery (in the outskirts of town, on the road to the village Wierzchniakowce ). On 5 June another 700 people were executed at the cemetery. From 9 to 14 June 1943, an additional 1800 ghetto prisoners were killed. Then the Nazis considered Borszczów "Judenfrei" ("free of Jews")

Some Jews, however, were hiding in various recesses both in the ghetto and in other places. So occupation authorities announced that those who come out by themselves would not be destroyed, and would be in a labor camp. About 360 people believed, but they were executed on 14 August.[4]

Several Jewish physicians from the ghetto were saved by UPA (Ukrayins’ka Povstans’ka Armiya / Ukrainian Insurgent Army) , where they helped in the fight against the Nazis. In 1943 doctor Tayblis from a village Korolówka and doctor Monya Helyar from the village Turylcze were rescued.

Some children who escaped death, secretly lived with families of peasants. Many residents of Borszczów Raion were awarded the title "Righteous Among the Nations".

In Borszczów at the site of the destroyed Jewish cemetery during the Soviet occupation a sports complex was built. In 1990, after Ukraine gained independence, part of the stadium was reserved for the construction of the monument. It was finally established in 2011.

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