Bilcze Zlote 1929 Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch

Column 1


Small Village on the Seret. 

Czortków District County, Czórtkow. District court:

3080 Inhabitants.

15 km from the Jeziarzany – Pilatkowko Station -

Czortków – Iwanie Puste narrow gauge railway line

Local Telegraph, Post Office and Telephone

2 Greek Catholic Churches

Volunteer Fire Brigade

Landowners:  Sapieha Ks. Paw. (1328) *

Midwives:   Kifer

Tinware / Tinsmiths:  Ringel  I.

Wheelwrights:   Czalkan S. – Wowczuk W

Column 2

Cooperatives:  X ,,Pomoc” – X,,Żródło”  **

Blacksmiths:  Jagoda J. –  Kifer  A. – Kościelski  J.

Tailors:  Mizwald  M.

Furriers:  Fuchs  M.

Painters:  Łotocki  W.

Mills: Sapieha P.

Masons / Bricklayers:  Bigański  A

Oil Manufacturers : Kimelman  S. – Stenzler  L.

General / Variety store / Sundries:    Brandes  O. –

                      Gross M.  –   Ringel  N.  –   Schönholz

Butchers:  Liebling  B. 

Cabinet Makers / Carpenters:  Strzelbiccy A & C

Tobacco Goods:   Rosenzweig  R.Schöffer  S.

Licensed Public-Houses / Taverns:  Elberger  H –

                                                              Reinstein  E.


 Translator’s notes:

*  Ks is the abbreviation for Książę = Prince        

**  The X before name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm.

     The two commas following the X mean a Registered Association

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