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Bilche Zolote(Ukrainian:Більче-Золоте) (Bilcze Zlote, Bilche Zolotoye), a village in Ukraine, is located within theBorshchivRaion (district) of theTernopilOblast(province), about 460 kilometers (290mi) driving distance southwest ofKiev, and about 16 kilometers (9.9mi) west of the district seat of Borshchiv. This rural community is located in a small valley adjacent to theSeretRiver, which is surrounded by plateaus covered with farms, broken by occasional stands of mixed forest. It is home to a remarkable park of 1800 hectares (4448 acres), of which 11 hectares (27 acres) is covered with virgin timber, including some trees up to 400 years old. Bilche Zolote is also the location of the largegypsumkarstVertebaCave, as well as a significantNeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian culturearchaeological site, and attracts tourist and spelunker visitors from many countries.

Founded in the early 10th Century, Bilche Zolote has been ruled at various times by theKievan Rus,Lithuania, Austria,Russia,Poland, theSoviet Union,Germany,Carpatho-Ukraine, and Ukraine. Its town council, which oversees the governance of the area, also administers the villages ofYuryampil(Ukrainian:Юр'ямпіль),Monastyrok(Ukrainian: Монастирок), andMushkativ(Ukrainian:Мушкатів). The nearest railway station is 12 kilometers (7.5mi) away in the town ofOzeryany(Ukrainian:Озеряни). The town includes public elementary through secondary schools, a public library, two recreational facilities, and an Inter-Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

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