Photos of Barysz

submitted by Małgorzata Kasiewicz

Photos taken in August 2004

Małgorzata Kasiewicz comments: In 1926 my husband’s grandmother (Anna Jelen) with her children (Zofia, Anna, Maria, Jan) settled in Barysh. All her children went to the school in the town. Anna Jelen Korczynska (88 years old – January 2009) remembers her class friend Dora EBERT.

My husband, Julian, was born in Barysh in 1935 (parents: Zofia Jelen and Wladyslaw Kasiewicz).  My husband remembers Jewish families: PermutTer and KlinGhofer.

Elementary School Building. New roof built after WW2.

Former Polish church parsonage, now a hospital. View from the courtyard.

Former library. Now the Community Center.

Typical Street. All Barysz streets are unpaved.

Konopelnia Street . The street of the Kasiewicz family home.

Typical Barysz St

Barysz street scene

Ukrainian house

Kasiewicz family home

Stork on telephone pole.
Before the WW2, storks built nests on the thatched roofs of Barysz houses. Now there are no longer any houses with thatched roofs so they nest on telegraph lines and poles.

Additional comments by SLB:
Each spring, Poland welcomes home roughly 25 percent of the nearly 325,000 white storks (Ciconia ciconia) that breed in Europe. These storks are very large: aprox. 1.28 feet tall and, weighting up to 10 pounds. They build huge nests on telephone-poles, rooftops, towers, chimneys, haystacks . The nests can be over 6 ft (2 m) in diameter and nearly 9 ft (3 m) in depth. It is believed that some particularly large nests have been in use for hundreds of years.

Outskirts of Barysz

Outskirts of Barysz

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