Ellis Island Database - Immigrants from Barysz

Compiled by Susana Leistner Bloch

Note from SLB: From 1892 to 1924, 22 million immigrants and passengers came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York.  The ship companies kept passenger lists called “Ship Manifests”.  Below is list of people who entered the USA through Ellis Island and listed Barysz as their place of residence.

Whenever there was some doubt, I read the scanned manifest and corrected surnames/ given names in brackets.

When you find an entry of interest, you can view the passenger record, the photo of the Ship and an actual scan of the Ship's Manifest.  The ship manifest gives many details including the family member they joined and their address. It also lists nearest relative left behind in the country of origin.  This is a great resource for family historians.  It will often show that although the person’s last residence was Barysz he/she might have been born somewhere else.

 Name  Residence                            Age     Arrived  
 Biener, Ester  Barysz  22  1904
 Dyniek, Franc  Barysz, Austria  18  1910
 Ebert, Schlojme  Barysz, Austria  17  1913
 Ederer, Jacob  Barysz, Austria  19  1910
 Ederer, Mendel  Barysz, Austria  24  1910
 Ederez [Ederer], Isaak  Barysz, Austria  32  1913
 Farber, Ettel  Barysz, Austria  19  1913
 Farber, Mandel  Barysz  14  1907
 Farber, Marcus  Barysz, Austria  57  1911
 Freidwald [Freiwald], Frunce  Barysz  11  1907
 Freidwald [Freiwald], Moische  Barysz  9  1907
 Freidwald [Freiwald], Zoice [£aice]       Barysz  8  1907
 Freiwald , Abram  Barysz  4  1907
 Freiwald, Hudie  Barysz  40  1907
 Gelbert, Reisic [Reisie]  Barysz, Austria  18  1909
 Gruber, Salomea  Barysz, Poland  19  1921
 Jastr...ebska, Marya  Barysz, Austria  18  1912
 Judenfreund, Juda  Barysz, Galicia  42  1913
 Konikiewicz, Leonard  Barysz, Austria  24  1911
 Kus, Jan  Baryszka, Galicia  30  1910
 Mackle, Ebart  Barysz, Austria  18  1909
 Roller, Cilly  Barysz, Austria  22  1907
 Salomon, Freiwald  Barysz  38  1904

Credit: The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., The American Family Immigration History Center.

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