1929 Barysz Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch


Small Town, Buczacz Powiat [County],

Monasterzyska County Court,

Stanislawów District Court

4795 inhabitants

3 kms. from Railway Station in Jezierzany Barysz *

on the Czortkow – Sranislawow Railway Line.

Post Office and Telegraph in Barysz & Monatsrezyska

Telephone in Monsaterzyska. Municipal Office

1 Roman Catholic Church, 1 Greek Catholic Church.

Markets: Mondays: livestock and pigs. Distillery, Mills.

State Commissioner: Antoni Sowa

Volunteer Fire Brigade Commander:  Wiktor Wójcik ?

Physicians: Seifer Bern. dr. – Wojtanowicz St. dr.

Landowners: Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. Wlad. (774) **

Midwives: Reich A.?

Fabrics: Osträger M.

Building Contractors: Czeremszanski S. – Krupiarz I.

Cattle Dealers: Biller M. – C..ler? R – Ebert M.

Brickyards: Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. W.

Distilleries: Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. W.

Savings and Loan Banks: X Kasa Stefczyka ***

Blacksmiths: Sieniawski J.

Tailors: Osträger  H.

Furriers: Rodek M. – Rodek S.

Mills: Andrusiewicz J. (wod) **** – Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. W.

Masons: Kindzierski J.

Seed Growers: Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. W.

Oil Manufacturers: Silberstein E.

Leathers and Pelts: Gruber J.

Pisciculture / Fish Farming: Swydrigello – Swiderski Ks. W.

Cabinet Makers / Carpenters: Chmielawski J. – Lozinski J.

Cobblers / Shoemakers: Krowicki J. – Nahjer S. – Skiba P. – Wojcik W.

Tobacco products: Fritz B. –  Sulkowski J.

Carriage Builders: Huk W. – Klocko F. – Sowa J.

Liquor Stores / Taverns: Biener S. – Silberstein A.

Iron: Ebert H.

Translators Notes:

* Since the station was 3 kms. away it could not possibly be in Jezierzany which is  52.6 kms. ESE kms.of Barysz, so one could assume that it was “in the direction of” Jezierzany.

** Ks is the abbreviation for Ksiaze = Prince.

*** The x before name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm.

**** (wod.) - abbreviation of "wodny" = water - where natural or artificial dam provides the energy.

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