Map showing distances from Suchostaw of shtetlach in the Suchostaw Region coded for population of each shtetl

Suchostaw is indicated with a red dot and is at the center of the circle of radius 25 miles which almost encompasses the shtetlach in the Suchostaw Region. The size of the symbol for each shtetl is determined by its Jewish population according to Where Once We Walked. The population figures are based on various census taken in 1920-1930. These estimates seem quite low. The symbols mean: population > 3,000, symbol size 2 (largest symbol); population in the range 2000-3000, symbol size 1.5; population in the range 1000-2000, symbol size 1; population in the range 100-1000, symbol size 0.75; population <100 symbol size 0.5 (smallest symbol size).

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