A more formal history of Galicia and the Jews: An overview of the territory given the name "Galicia"

Excerpts from The Taylor Shop by Eleanore Jeanne Andelman (z"l)

Pre history

Spread of Lusation culture

Prior 500 A D

Development of the Wiskabue Tribe/Lugian Union

500 - 700

Domination by Croats

700 - 880

Expansion of the Wislanian Territorial State

880 - 910

Overlordship by Moravia


Poland founded and converted to Christianity by Mieszko I


The Wislanie annexed to the new Polish State

1000 - 1241

Regionalism, as the Kingdom of Little Poland, and Palatinate Sandomir, the Polish capital, moved to Krakow.

1241 - 1288

Three Mongolian invasions by the armies of the Ghengis Khan and his successors

1288 - 1330

Galicia as the Polish frontier and main area for eastward expansion

1330 - 1370

The reign of King Casimir the Great. The annexation of Halychyna and Volhynia. Border rivalry with Lithuania.

1330 - 1570

Jagiellonian Poland. Establishment of Galician towns and the spread of Magdeburgian town law.

1502 - 1510

Invasion by the Turks from the East

1500 - 1700

The imposition of serfdom

1600 - 1650

Tartar incursions

1650 - 1660

The Swedish Deluge

1700 - 1702

The Northern War

1700 - 1772

The dissolution of the State

1768 - 1772

Confederation of Bar: From 1768 - 1772, an anti-Russian rising known as the "Confederation of Bar" was crushed by the
Russians. Over 5000 captured "szlachta" were sent to Siberia. Among the few who escaped was Kazimierz Pulaski who was to
play an important role in the United States' struggle for independence.


Occupation by the Austro-Hunfarian Empire, the First Partition

1330 - 1570

Jagiellonian Poland. Establishment of Galician towns and the spread of Magdeburgian town law.


The land Katester

1793 - 1795

The Kosciuszko War for Independence

1805 - 1812

Impact of Na[poleonic hegemony


Asiatic Cholera epidemic


The Galician Peasant Uprising


Typhus and Cholera outbreaks

1848 - 1849

The emancipation of the Galician peasants (Hungarian revolt)

1853 - 1855

The great famine. The "Great Cholera", 1854, "Little Cholera", 1873

1850 - 1900

The struggle for democracy and overpopulation effects

1880 - 1914

The breaking up of the estates


Year of Strikes

1914 -1921

World War I. The passing of the Eastern Front through Galicia several times. The collapse of Austria. The Polish - Russian War

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