Lashkewitz Yerit

Submitted by Hannah Simon

I asked my 90 year old mother, Gisela LEHR RAZDOW(ITZ), if she had any pictures or information about the shtetl where her mother, Esther BUCK LEHR was born in 1889. She has no pictures because her grandfather was one of those orthodox Jews who did not believe you should take pictures because they are graven images.

My mother was never in Ulashkovtse because her mother left there in 1906 when she married my grandfather Salomon LEHR and moved to his home town, the shtetl of Sadagura. My mother does remember that her mother was very proud of the fact that Ulashkovtse was famous for its annual fair, which she referred to in Yiddish as the "Lashkewitz Yerit." Because there was an annual pilgrimage to a saint (whose name my mother does not know), The local Count, whose name was Graf Landskoronski and who owned most of the land there, had the idea of renting booths to merchants. This grew into a large annual fair which lasted for one or two months. It ran for one or two months in the early Summer.

Merchants came from all over. They even had fur merchants from Leipzig Germany. Everything was sold there. So for instance, if you wanted to buy a trousseau, you would wait for the Yerit. My grandmother told my mother that they even had a stock exchange. She also remembered that there was a bordello and that as a little girl she used to peek in the windows.

My mother remembers my grandparents teasing each other about who came from the most famous shtetl, she from Ulashkovtse because of the Yerit or he from Sadagura because of the Synagogue and its famous Rabbi.

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