Second Skałat Memorial Scroll

Submitted by Israel Pickholtz

The original was placed inside the Skałat Community Memorial at the Holon Cemetery
Sivan 5750, June 1990

(also see Skalat Holocaust Memorial in Holon Cemetery)

This page presents the names in order from right-to-left (as they appear on the scroll).
Please scroll all the way to the right to see the beginning.
Kleiner, Nunia and her family
Shifman, Raizel and her family
Zimring, Chaim and his family
Gedalia, Shwalbnast and his family
Nacha Rosenzweig (Goldberg)
Giana Goldberg
Yaakov Goldberg
David Rosenzweig
Bomberg, Shmuel and his family
Greenspan, Yisrael and his family
Shapira, Yaakov-Leib and his family
Shapira, Yechiel and his family
Kornweitz, David and his family
Rotstein, Shimon and his family
Seidman, Avraham
Seidman, Sarah
Seidman, Moshe
Seidman, Rachel
Seidman, Ruchama
Seidman, Antshel
Milgrom, Alta
Milgrom, Yaakov and his family
Milgrom, Leah
Neuman, Yisrael
Zellermayer, Nathan
Zellermayer, Pepe
Sheinhaut, Leitza
Sheinhaut, Moshe
Sheinhaut, Moni
Sheinhaut, Duni
Sheinhaut, Asho
Friedman, Getzel and his family
Pikholz, Taube and her family
Reiser, Nathan and his family
Spacirer, Velvel and his family
Samet, Yosef and his family
Scharf, Yosef and Max and their family
Reis, Moshe and his family
Barzer, Sheika and his family
Pohorilles, Yitzchak and his family
Blaschke, Shlomo and his family
Weissbart, Jonah and his family
Tunis, David and his family
Tunis Menachem-Mendel and his family
Dr. Karwin and his family
Ashkenazi (pharmacist) and his family
Schechter, Zvi and his family
Pikholz, Rozia the teacher and her family
Kupfershmid, Ester, her mother and their family
Lyncycz, Edward, his wife and their children and their family
Lyncycz, Shmuel, his wife and their children and their family
Lyncycz, Shlomo and his wife and their family
Lyncycz, Clara
Lyncycz, Regina (Kinkis) and her husband and children
Lyncycz, Rozia (Kramer)
Lyncycz, Dolek, a soldier in the Polish army 
who died in the Monta Casino battle in Italy 
Elfenbein, Yisrael Leib
Elfebein, Lusia
Elfenbein, Sima
Nisenbaum, Avigdor
Nisenbaum, Rozia
Kaczor, Moshe Katzalov and his family
Sapir, Iziah and his family
Bernstein, Moshe and his family
Goldstein, David and his family
Katz, Yaakov and Shmuel and his family
Friedman, Munia and her family
Reis, Moshe and his family
Bomze, Shlomo and Yitzchak and their family
Tenenboim, Yosef and his family
Podhorcer, Shalom and his family
Steinbok, Shlomo-Ozer and his family
Preminger, Yitzchak and his family
Ephraim Olesker and his family
Olesker, Shlomo and his family
Segal, Chaim and his family
Gotlieb, Yosef and his family
Shrendel, Yosef and his family
Schor, Moshe and his family
Messing, Yaakov and his family
Perl, Henia and her family
Liebergal, Sarah and her family
Hirschbein, Shmuel and his family
Pohorilles, David and his family
Buksboim, Mordechai and his family
Binstok, Yeshaya-Nota and his family
Weinsaft, Yaakov-Yisrael and his family
Rosenzweig, Zalman-Leib and his family
Drat, Jonah and his family
Mitelman, Rivka and her family
Gross, Yeshua and his family
Alperin, Anszel and her family
Shmuel Melamed and his family
Parnas, Yitzchak and his family
Epstein, David and his family
Epstein, Mirel and her family
Epstein, Reiza and her family
Epstein, Sara-Etel and her family
Chrein, Yaakov and his family
Epstein, Chaim-Munia and his family
Segal, Chaim and his family
Rechel, Yisrael and his family
Perl, Netanel and his family
Perl, Yaakov and his family
Sass, Berel and his family
Czazke, Ephraim and Sarah and their family
Geter, Moshe (shu”b) and his family
Wallach, Menachem and his family
Katz, Zvi and Dina and their family
Wilner, Kehat and Aharon and their family
Shapira, Yaakov and his family
Schwartz, Tonia and her family
Bernstein, Sonia and her family
Hecht, Moshe-Leib and his family
Jarczower, Shalom and his family
Kupfershmid, Yisrael and his family
Kuperman, Feivel and his family
Ellenberg, Devorah and her family
Gottlieb, Moshe and his family
Bauer, Moshe and his family
Jawer, Leibale and his family
Harak, Menachem-Mendel and his family
Beutel, Shalom and his family
Pasternak, Zalman and his family
Berish Tragar and his family
Scheinberg, Shevach
Beider, Zeinvel and his family
Rontzwieg, Dadel and his family
Waltuch, Avi and his family
Katz, Yehoshua and his family
Schatzberg, Avramchi Melamed and his family
Papier, Matia and his family
Papier, Alter and his family
Beutel, Yitzchak and his family
Inber, Nunia and his family
Fishbach, Moshe Inber and his family
Blumenstein and his family
Feivel Schuster and his family
Naft, Moshe and his family
Schrager, Yosef and his family
Pik, Beinham and his family
Wallach, Moshe Melamed and his family
Pikholz, Eliezer and his family
Freund, Isaac and his family
Kupferschmid, Avraham-Yitzchak and his family
Waszitz, Avraham and his family
Holota, Aharon and his family
Lempert, Jonah and his family
Friedman, David and his family
Matia, Melamed and his family
Epstein, Moshe and his family
Sender-Meir Wasserfuhrer and his family
Bomze, Yosef and brothers and sisters
Bomze, Yaakov and his family
Sheinhout, Avraham and his family Schwalb and family
Jampol, Avraham and his family
Adler, Moshe and his family
Rosenblatt, Yitzchak
Rosenblatt, Feiga
Rosenblatt, Pepe
Rosenblatt, Moshe
Rosenblatt, Benny
Orhan, Tzipora
Orhan, Kofka
Swift, Chaim and his family
Swift, Golda
Drimer, Chana and her family
Shneir, Kreintza
Shneir, Chaim
Shneir, Yaakov
Shneir, Eliezer
Shneir, Sara
Sheinhaut, Yosef
Sheinhaut, Zlata
Sheinhaut, Hershel
Shechter, Yaakov (shu”b)  and his family
Fogelman, David (shu”b) and his family
Shapira, Eli
Shapira, Miriam
Shapira, Leah
Shapira, Hersh
Sheinhout, Ita
Sheinhout, Nechama
Sheinhout, Avraham
Sheinhout, Eti
Kaczor, Mordechai
Kaczor, Taube
Scheinberg, Eliezer
Scheinberg, Chana
Scheinberg, Milo
Kleiner, Pinchas
Kleiner, Yehudit
Kleiner, Moshe and his wife and three children
Kiwetz, Otzio
Kiwetz, Taube and her three children
Stern, Michel and three children
Kornweitz, David, Sima-Leah
Kornweitz, Zalman and his five sons
Kornweitz, Chaya and her three children
Kornweitz, Bluma
Kornweitz, Golda
Kornweitz, Pnina
Kornweitz, Gittel
Kornweitz, Lane and her child
Ratzenstein, Rachel and her family
Rosenzweig, Zalman-Leib
Rosenzweig, Odelia
Rosenzweig, Emanuel
Rosenzweig, Shlomo
Rosenzweig, Clara
Ratzenstein, Shlomo
Ratzenstein, Eidel
Ratzenstein, Ester
Ratzenstein, Rachel
Ratzenstein, Eli
Ratzenstein, Reizel
Ratzenstein, Bluma
Ratzenstein, Kodel
Ratzenstein, Taube
Ratzenstein, Gershon
Ratzenstein, Sarah
Rosenstock, Reuben
Rosenstock, Berta
Fleischfarb, Rivka-Rachel
Fleischfarb, Yitzchak-Dov
Fleischfarb, Shmuel
Fleischfarb, Chana
Fleischfarb, Chana, Yosef, Zalman
Fink, Shaindel Chasid and her son
Fink, Shimon
Presser, David and his family
Pikholz, Tuvia
Pikholz, Feiga
Pikholz, Regina
Bomze, Shlomo
Bomze, Matilda
Pikholz, Chaim and his family
Messing, Nathan and his family
Kleiner, Pinchas and Yehudit
Kleiner, Babbi and his family
Kleiner, Moshe and Leah
Kelenson, Gitman and his family
Moshlin, Rivka and her family
Kelenson, Moshe
Kelenson, Rozia
Kelenson, Feiga
Kaczor, Hersch
Kaczor, Miriam
Kaczor, Moshe
Kaczor, Yisrael
Kaczor, Chana
Kaczor, Yaakov
Kaczor, Pesia
Kaczor, Leib
Kaczor, Shimshon
Nagar, Chana nee Kaczor
Pleshner, Vigdor 
Pohorilles, Feibish
Pohorilles, Malka
Grossman, Yosef
Grossman, Hersch
Pohorilles, Pepe
Pohorilles, Moshe
Perlmutter, Goda
Perlmutter, Risia
Perlmutter, Shlomo
Perlmutter, Nachman-Hersch
Perlmutter, Yechiel
Perlmutter, Betka
Perlmutter, Baruch
Perlmutter, Roza
Podhorcer, Shalom
Podhorcer, Yosef
Podhorcer, Moshe
Brief, Yosef
Hovan, Berta
Parnes, Shmuel
Parnes, Zisel
Parnes, Yechiel
Papier, Shaul
Papier, Feiga
Papier, Yechiel
Papier, Yosef
Papier, Chana
Papier, Taube
Papier, Getzel
Minister, Frumtzia
Minister, Manes-Chaim
Minister, Hinda
Minister, Roza
Minister, Moshe
Epstein, Tzvi
Epstein, Feiga
Epstein, Yitzchak
Epstein, Malka
Epstein, Miriam
Sass, David
Sass, Yaakov
Perlmutter, Chaim-Mordechai
Perlmutter, Batya
Wechsler, Perel
Wechsler, Yosef
Wechsler, Binyamin-Shemuel
Wechsler, Betka
Podhorcer, Aharon ben Tzvi
Podhorcer, Perel bat Eliezer
Podhorcer, Moshe
Podhorcer, Yosef
Feinstein, Shlomo
Feinstein, Ester
Feinstein, Bayla
Feinstein, Basya
Feinstein, Velvel
Feinstein, Yosef
Feinstein, Aharon
Pleshner, Herman
Pleshner, Yantzio
Pleshner, Munio
Pleshner, Vilan
Loter, Chana-Weinraub
Tunis, Etka-Weinraub
Weinraub, Sara-Meiman
Weinraub, Fanka
Menczel, Yitzchak ben Avraham
Menczel, Bracha
Menczel, Miriam
Menczel, Ester
Menczel, Tuvia
Menczel, Zalman
Menczel, Yosef
Melzer, Yitzchak
Melzer, Rachel
Melzer, Paula
Melzer, Avraham
Okun, Rivka and her family
Schwartz, Adela
Schwartz, Zola
Migden, Yechiel
Migden, Sarah
Migden, Yisrael
Migden, Adelka
Okun, Wolf-David
Okun, Malka
Okun, David
Pasternak, Zalman
Pasternak, Rachel
Pasternak, Eli
Muhlrad, Dov
Muhlrad, David
Muhlrad, Eti
Muhlrad, Shoshi
Muhlrad, Taube
Berensohn Family
Waltuch Family
Tenenbaum, Avraham-David ben Meir
Tenenbaum, Rinder Miriam
Gelbard, Gittel-Feiga bat Bezalel
Tenenboim, Elimelech
Tenenboim, Kaila
Tenenboim, Buzio
Tenenboim, Gusta
Tenenboim, Dolek
Tenenboim, Rachel
Friedman, Yocheved and her family
Lincycz, Betka and her family
Kliener, Moshe, Perel, Chaya
Tunis, Abba-Leib Arieh
Tunis, Mosia
Tunis, Pepe
Tunis, Batya
Tunis, Lusia
Lerner, Yitzchak
Lerner, Bela
Lerner, Moshe
Lerner, Ze’ev
Loscher, Chaya-Sarah
Loscher, Zelik
Loscher, Dina
Landsman, Moshe
Landsman, Racheli
Landsman, Rivka
Landsman, Batya
Landsman, David
Weissman, Yehudah shu”b
Weissman, Chava
Weissman, Tzipora Pentzia
Weissman, Chana Chaya
Weissman, Malka
Weissman, Yosef
Wiesniak, Pinchas
Wiesniak, Devorah
Wiesniak, Zusia
Wiesniak, Perel
Wiesniak, Lora
Wiesniak, Avraham
Wiederhorn, Chaim
Wiederhorn, Perel
Wiederhorn, Tzila and her family
Wiederhorn, Moshe and his family
Wiederhorn, David and his family
Wiederhorn, Fania and her family
Wiederhorn, Shavel and his family
Wilner, Moshe
Wilner, Gina
Mager, Chaim
Mager, Rivka
Mager, Nusia
Mager, Fishel
Mager, Pepe
Mager, Nusia
Levy Etosderber
Perel Etosderber
Lusia Etosderber
Lipa Etosderber
Hoffman, Yitzchak ben Moshe
Hoffman, Lortzia
Hoffman, Henia
Halperin, Avraham
Halperin, Helka
Halperin, Nunio
Halperin, Andzel
Mitelman, Liba and her family
Halperin, Rena
Halperin, Mishia
Dickstein, Henia and her family

Weinsaft, Moshe-Yitzchak
Weinsaft, Sima
Wallach, Yitzchak-Tzvi
Wallach, Freidel
Wallach, Miriam
Waltu, Tzvi
Bauer, David-Yosef
Bauer, Gittel
Bauer, Mordechai
Weinberg, Binyamin
Weinberg, Rivka
Weinberg, Zelig
Weintraub, Yitzchak
Weintraub, Dina
Weintraub, Ester
Weintraub, David
Beckman, Sara and her family
Wilner, Shlomo ben Copke-Shea
Wilner, Copke-Shea ben Shlomo
Pikholz, Betka bat Yaakov
Pikholz, Munio

Bauer, Yehoshua
Bauer, Chana
Bauer, Yoel
Bauer, Regina
Bauer, Pela
Bauer, Yitzchak
Bauer, Chaim 
Bauer, Nusia
Braunstein, Feibish
Braunstein, Feiga
Braunstein, David
Braunstein, Chaikah
Braunstein, Bat Sheva
Friedman Zusia
Friedman Yisrael (Srul’ka)
Beckman, Golda
Beckman, Moshe
Beckman, Leible
Blawat, Yosef
Blawat, Leibish and his wife
Blawat, Bronka and her daughters

Garten, Leon
Garten, Frieda
Goldstein, Roza
Goldstein, Chantza
Goldstein, Getzel

Dlugacz, Vitia
Jawer, Tzipora
Dlugacz, Ada and her family
Dlugacz, Yoseph Meir b”R’ Mordecai and Hinda Feiga
Dlugacz, Yitzchak
Dlugacz, Beila bat Elazar

Birnbaum, Yosef
Birnbaum, Bela
Bauer, Rachel
Bauer, Yehoshua
Bernstein, Bluma
Bernstein, Avraham and his family
Bernstein, Fishel
Bernstein, Bat Sheva and her family
All the relatives of the Bernstein Family
Brik, Binyamin ben Yisrael
Brik, Yisrael
Berensohn, Yisrael
Berensohn, Pinchas
Brik, Golda
Brik, Henya, and her daughter Rachel
Brik, Miriam
Lontshotz, Yaakov
Birnboim, Shimon
Birnboim, Sarah-Sima
Birnboim, Bluma
Birnboim, Moshe
Birnboim, Elkana
Birnboim, Leah
Birnboim, Yechezkel
Birnboim, Chaim
Birnboim, Sloiva
Birnboim, Dov
Birnboim, Rivka
Wallach, Shabtai and his family
Birnboim, Simcha and his family
Birnboim, Sarah
Birnboim, Yisrael-Yitzchak and his family
Epstein, Bat-Sheva
Epstein, Tova
Hochbaum, Sara
Drieblatt, Hinda
Drieblatt, Yosef
Aksel, Avraham-Yitzchak
Aksel, Rivka
Aksel, Rachel
Aksel, Rusia
Grifinkel, Sarah
Auerbach, Feiga
Kaczor, Avraham
Kaczor, Zisel
Kaczor, Yaakov
Kaczor, Betka
Baum, Perel
Fogel, Dora
Fogel, Savina

Bernstein, Eliezer
Bernstein, Perel
Bernstein, Genia 
Bernstein, Tova
Bernstein, Feiga
Bernstein, Chaika
Bernstein, Akiva
Bernstein, Akiva
Bernstein, Mordechai
Bernstein, Chaya
Bernstein, Rachel
Bernstein, Meir
Bernstein, Moshe 
Bernstein, Atka
Bernstein, Giza

These are the names of those who perished

Harav Rosenblatt Yitzchak
Rosenblatt Mali
Rosenblatt Tzvi
Rosenblatt Feige
Harav Wolovitz & family
The son, Wolovitz Berel

Elfenbein, Herman
Elfenbein, Yehudit
Elfenbein Yaakov
Eizenstark, Chana
Eizenstark, Tuvia
Eizenstark, Asher
Eizenstark, Leah (Kleiner)
Eizenstark, Yehudah
Engel, Naftali
Engel, Leah
Engel, Nusia
Engel, Shmuel
Eizenstark, David
Eizenstark, Sonia
Eizenstark, Reizel
Unger, Micha’el
Unger, Fania
Unger, Max
Unger, Devorah
Unger, Ester
Epstein, Ester Breintza
Epstein, David
Epstein, Yaakov
Epstein, Yeshayahu
Epstein, Moshe


On the 7th day of Sivan, Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty years (5750) since the Creation of the World, the forty-second year of the State of Israel, and the forty-seventh year since the destruction of our community - Skalat and its surrounding towns.
 We, the survivors of Skalat and its surrounding towns, are erecting a memorial for the holy martyrs of our town, who were murdered by the Nazis and their followers in the years  Five Thousand Seven Hundred (5700) - Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Three (5703), and were buried in a communal grave in a foreign land.  In this scroll, we are memorializing the names of our relatives and our loved ones so they may have a name and memorial forever.
 May this memorial and this letter be a monument to the sacred and the pure whose lives were severed in such a horrible and cruel way and may their souls be inscribed in the book of life.
And may this memorial and this letter be a sign of eternal shame for these impure murderers who spilled the blood of the pure and innocent.
 May the blood of the innocent ensure their eternal unrest that their may be no peace for their souls..
 Our Father, Our King, before our eyes avenge your servants’ spilled blood.
 Pour out your wrath upon them, and let the fierceness of your anger overtake them.  Pursue them in anger and destroy from under Divine Heaven.

Organization of Survivors of Skalat 
and Its Surrounding Towns
In Israel and in Exile

“That the Avenger of Blood has remem- bered them; He has not forgotten the cry of the humble.”
Psalms 9/13
“So that the last generation may know - sons yet to be born - they will mature and tell their own sons.”
Psalms 78/6

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