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Harry Golden was born in 1902 in Mikulintsy. His last name was actually Goldhirsch His father, Leib Goldhirsch, left Mikulintsy in 1904 for Winnipeg, Canada. The family came to New York City in 1905. He was a stockbroker and in 1929 his brokerage house went bankrupt. (the following is from the Encyclopedia Brittanica) "He came to Charlotte ( N.C. ) In 1941 and began to write about and speak out against segregation. From 1942 to 1958, Golden published a newspaper containing his views. It was called the Carolina Israelite. He was widely acclaimed as a writer and humorist and won numerous awards, but his opinions evoked constant criticism from people who disagreed with his belief in racial equality. One of his books, "Only in America," became a best seller in 1958. He wrote a biography of his friend, poet Carl Sandburg. He was married to Genevieve Alice Marie Gallagher and they had four sons. Harry Golden [died in 1981 and] is buried in Charlotte's Hebrew Cemetery." See also excerpts of books by Harry Golden on life in Mikulintsy.

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