Submitted by Saul Lindenbaum and Gregory Salomon, relatives of the Metzker family.

Isaac Metzker, editor of the famous "Bintel Briefs" of the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, was born in the village of Lanovtse (Lanovitz, Lanivtsy), in the southern part of the SRRG region. One of 10 children of David Metzker and Faggy Reich, Isaac stowed away on a ship leaving Bremen when he was in his early 20s. He arrived in the USA in 1924. Isaac wrote for the Yiddish newspaper, The Jewish Daily Forward (Forverts), for decades, and in 1971 compiled and edited "A Bintel Brief" (A Bundle of Letters), a book of excerpts from the very popular advice column for immigrants that ran in the Forward for decades. Saul Lindenbaum adds: " I have a copy, in which he wrote a wonderful inscription to my father, and the book makes delightful reading."

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