A Monument to our Jewish Heroes of Suchostow

Written by Dr. David Hendel and submitted to the journal of The First
Suchostower Benevolent Association in honor of the Association's
Fortieth Anniversary Banquet, May 1949.

"It is very difficult to picture the happenings that took place in our home town and all over where Hitler's murderers reached. Suchostow, like all other cities for us, was wiped off the earth.
"The murderers had started the first blood bath in September 1942. We lost three-quarters of our nearest and dearest in Suchostow. They did not discriminate. Every Jew, young or old, rich or poor, was issued a death verdict; his only penalty was for being a Jew.
"Our city was designated to be cleaned out of all Jewish population in June 1943. They murdered all our dearest, and sent those that they found later to the gas chambers in Belsatz. Those of us who saved ourselves by hiding in the forests envied those who were dead. The Nazis hunted us like animals for the sheer pleasure of sport. In spite of this, 12 Jews of the town of Suchostow have survived.* Some of them will probably settle in the new State of Israel. Others, like myself will some day reach America. It is very difficult for me to describe everything that happened, the human mind cannot conceive such horror. However, let there be a monument in our minds at all times for our nearest and dearest whom we have lost."

*From a later report: "After the war, we started a search for some of the lucky ones who have survived and behold, to our surprise, have found 15 landsleit spread all over Europe and to them we have extended a helping hand. We were successful in bringing one family to America. We have sent money and food packages and will continue our help as long as it will be needed."