Memorial to the Community of Skalat, in the Holon (Greater Tel-Aviv) Cemetery

Submitted by Israel Pickholtz

(also see Second Skałat Memorial Scroll)

Memorial to the Community of Skalat, in the Holon (Greater Tel-Aviv) Cemetery.
(The memorial is along the eastern fence of the cemetery, near bloc 11.)





Oh, that my head were waters
and my eyes a fountain of tears
that I may weep night and day
for the slain daughter of my people
(Jeremiah 8, 23)



Day of Memorial
7 Sivan


the martyrs of the community of
and vicinity
who were killed in the Holocaust
May God avenge them

Scrolls of names
in holy ground
from Skalat

To the suffering people of the Skalat community 
to the fathers who took their lives in their hands,
in desparate attempt to save their children,
to the mothers who hair blanched
from pain and fear for their dear ones,
for those tortured and shot in the town streets,
in the ancient citadels
and on the banks of the river,
to the thousands taken in the death cars,
to Belzec, on the road of blood and suffering
and were ground to dust., to the few who dared
to jump from the speeding trains,
because they never quit or gave up hope,
even at the edge of destruction,
for the thousands at the pts of death,
fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers
brothers and sisters, counting the
last grains of sand in the hourglass,
their eyes desparate and no one comes to rescue,
to the brave, the daring, the fortunate,
who in that night of storm and unrest,
of hope and desparation, joined the fighters of
Kobpak and whose blood filled the path
of the Resistance in the Carpathian Mountains,
to the thousands of the community who were killed
with the cry of SHEMA YISRAEL on their lips,
to the few who remained, by miracle or by chance,
fewer every year, and during these many years
they carry the cries of the entire community,
and the greatest and heaviest cry of them all,
the cry of the dead and of the living, echoing
throughout the world, from then until the end of time:


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