Renate Rosenblatt writes: "Joseph Rosenblatt was born in Skalat, the second son of Hirsch Rosenblatt and Fradie Linczyc.
His youth he spent in Skalat. He was an early "Chaloetz", before 1926 he went to the land.  He worked in road construction and later in a cement factory near Haifa. He had no children, but he loved children. He was a great uncle for the children of his in-laws and a third grandfather for their children. As we heared he was a kind man, with much humor. His wife Tsippora is buried in the same grave.
I am sorry I have never met him."
Buried in Haifa
Sede Yehoshua Cemetery
Here Lie Buried
bat Yaakov Meir
ben R' Zvi Elimelech
5662 - 14 Tishrei 5746
5662 - 2 Second Adar 5736
TNZB"H (May their souls be bound in life)

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