First Skalat Memorial Scroll

Submitted by Israel Pickholtz

the original was placed inside the Skalat Community Memorial at the Holon Cemetery
7 Sivan 5721, 22 May 1961

(also see Skalat Holocaust Memorial in Holon Cemetery)

This page presents the names in order from right-to-left (as they appear on the scroll).
Please scroll all the way to the right to see the beginning.

Chana-Chaya bat R Menahem-Mendel
Mordecai ben R Zvi
Yosef ben R Zvi
Chaya bat R Chaim
Cirl bat R Yosef
Leah Gittel bat R Yosef
Dov ben R Yosef
Chaim ben R Zvi
Pnia bat R Menahem
Menahem ben R Yitzhak
Yitchak ben R Menahem
Avraham-David ben R Menahem
Mali bat R Menahem
Avraham ben R Shmuel

Chaim ben R Menahem-Nachum
Menahem-Nachum ben R Chaim
Raizel-Zisal bat R Chaim
Eliezer ben R Yosef HaLevy
Taube bat R Yosef HaLevy
Etel bat R Yosef HaLevy
Adel bat R Avraham
Yosef ben R Avraham

Moshe ben R Shaul
Chana bat R Shmuel
Fogelman Bayla with her husband David and household
Schechter Pesia with her husband Shalom and household

David ben R Moshe

Feibish and his household
Friedman Israel ben R Zusia

Zvi ben R Yitzchak
Teme bat R Eliezer HaLevy
Etil bat R Zvi
Eliezer ben R Zvi
Dvorah bat R Yaakov HaCohen
Aryeh ben R Eliezer
Yitchak ben R Eliezer
Moshe ben R Eliezer
Chana-Chaya bat R Eliezer
Perel bat R Mendel-Zvi
Mordecai ben R Yitzchak
Pinchas-Yaakov ben R Yitzchak
Kopel-Nachum ben R Yitzchak
Mendel-Abba ben R Zvi
Chaya-Cirl bat R Yitzchak
Chana-Chaya bat R Mendel-Abba
Moshe ben R Zvi
Chaya bat R Yosef
Etel bat R Moshe
Avraham ben R Mendel-Zvi
Gittel bat R Zvi
Menahem-Mendel ben R Israel
Moshe ben R Menahem-Mendel
Yitzchak ben R Menahem-Mendel

Zvi Wilner ben R Kofka
Ester Giza and Nusia daughters of Zvi
Moshe Wilner ben R Kofka
Ginia Wilner bat R Moshe

Abba, Chaya
Yitzchak ben R Abba and his family
Berenson Frieda bat R Abba
Berenson Nusia bat R Zeev
Berenson Mona ben R Tzvi
Waltuch Dina bat Rebbe Abba
Nusia bat R Abba

Leib and his household
Bergler Roza, Yosef, Etel, Sarah

Yitzchak ben R Aharon
Chaya-Devorah bat R Berel
Meir ben R Yitzchak
David ben R Yitzchak

Vitza bat R David
Feige Jawer bat R David

Binyamin ben R Hillel
Chaya bat R Moshe
Rivka bat R Binyamin
Zelig ben R Binyamin

Shaul ben R Nathan
Tova bat R Zeev
Berl ben R Shaul
Reuven ben R Shaul
Shimon ben R Shaul
Kenya bat R Shaul
Rachel bat R Shaul
Yeta bat R Shaul

Shmuel ben R Aharon
Rivka bat R Nathan
Chaya bat R Shmuel

Etel bat R Aharon
Halperin Shlomo and his family

Mina bat R Aharon and her family
her husband Goldstein David

Zvi ben R Moshe-Aharon and his wife
Yaakov ben R Moshe-Aharon and his wife, Yetto
Menahem ben R Moshe-Aharon and his wife Shoshana
Zeev ben R Moshe-Aharon
Dr. Kalmans ben R Mordecai
Yaakov ben R Mordecai
Perlmutter ben R Eliezer
Tefferberg Chana bat R Eliezer
Bernstein Sarah bat R Eliezer

Hansve ben Rebbe Nathan
Hinda bat R Asher

Shlomo ben R Nathan
Yosef ben R Nathan
Yitzchak ben R Nathan

Matilda bat R Eliyahu
Clara bat R Eliyahu
Pela bat R Eliyahu

Kofka bat R Shlomo
Perel Asdarbel bat Kofka
Levi ben R Lifa
Lifa ben R Levi
Lusia bat R Levi

Zvi ben R Paltiel
Feige bat R Kune
Yitzchak ben R Tzvi
Malka bat R Tzvi
Miriam bat R Tzvi

David ben R Chaim Issac
Yaakov ben R David

David ben Rebbe Avraham (was killed in 1941)

Shmuel ben R Aryeh
Cyla bat Chana
Perel bat R Shmuel
Yoel ben R Shmuel
Moshe ben R Shmuel
Clara bat R Shmuel

Elimelech ben R Tzvi
Bruchia (Kayla) bat R Yitzchak
Yitzchak-Tzvi ben R Elimelech
David ben R Elimelech
Rachel bat R Elimelech

Yocheved bat R Yitzchak
Rachel bat R Hirsch
Pepe bat R Hirsch
Shoshana bat R Hirsch

Yaakov ben R Aharon
Chaya bat R Meir
Etka bat R Yaakov
Rachel bat R Yaakov
Meir ben R Yaakov
Moshe ben R Yaakov

Wohl Avraham ben Sarah-Reizel and Shlomo-Zalman
Wohl (Karpf) Gittel bat Feige and Avraham
Wihl Feige (Pela) bat Gittel and Avraham
Wohl Zuzia (Zisha) ben Gittel and Avraham

Herman (Tzvi) ben Adela
Feter (Wohl) Hinda-Leah bat Sarah-Reizel and Shlomo-Zalman
Feter Aharon-David (Noldano) ben Hinda-Leah and Herman

(Feter) Sarah (Salka) bat Adela

(Wohl) Chaya Esther bat Sarah-Reizel and Shlomo-Zalman
Libergal Yuliel ben Chaya-Ester and Michael

Rozenberg (Weisstaub) Zusha ben Roza and Paul

Leib (Aryeh) ben R Yosef
Deutscher (Weisstaub) Feige bat Pina
Deutscher Chaim-Meir ben Feige and R Leib

Weisstaub Gittel bat Pina and Chaim-Meir

Yaakov ben Minya and Chaim-Meir
Baras Gusta

Jached bat Feige and Avraham
Austran Charlotta bat Jached and Mendel

Shlomo ben Kovki
Breina Berensohn bat Yitzchak Schwifcz
Getzel ben Yitzchak Schwifcz and his wife Freidi
their children, Lula, Shlomo, Nachum

Beila bat Yaakov Marder and her husband Moni
and their 6 month old baby

 Yetka bat Breina Berensohn and her husband Isar
and their child Blanca

Shaul ben R Mendel
Fani bat R Yosef
Yosef ben Shaul and child 
Shoshana bat R Yaakov
Getzel ben R Shaul
Clara bat R Zeilik
Chana bat R Shaul
Tova bat R Shaul
Moshe Horowitz ben R Aryeh
Beulah bat R Shaul and three Children

Simcha ben R Shlomo zl
Feige bat R Mordecai Auerbach (nee Gelbard)
Chaya Auerbach bat R Simcha zl
Leah Auerbach bat R Simcha zl

Shalom, Yosef, Moshe

Yosef, Chavon Berta

Aharon, Pnina, Moshe

Chaya, Sheindela, Chava, Shmuel

Fania, Miriam

Chaim-Meir (Mark) ben Chola and Aryeh
Paul (Philip) Weisstaub ben Pina and Chaim-Meir
Weisstaub (Lila) Roza bat R Yosef
Weisstaub Yosef (Yozo) ben Roza and Paul
Weisstaub Chona (Yochanan) ben Pina and Chaim-Meir
Weisstaub (Pfeffer) Roza

Benyamin ben Sarah-Reizel and Shlomo-Zalman
Wohl (Deutcher) Mina bat R Yosef
Wohl Eidel (Edna) bat Mina and Binyamin
Wohl Tzasha (Cirel) bat Mina and Binyamin
Wohl Yolek (Karol) ben Mina and Binyamin

Mordecai Rivka
Moshe ben R Marcus
Tzipora bat R Marcus
Perel bat R Marcus
Shlima bat R Marcus
Roza bat R Marcus

Meir ben Chana-Chaya and Chaim
His wife, Rachel bat Freida and Peretz Schwarz

Yehudah ben  R Eliezer and Chaya
Chaya bat R Yehudah and Esther
Necha bat R Yehudah and Esther
Henya-Peril bat R Yehudah and Esther
Yosef ben R Yehudah and Esther
Etia-Rachel bat R Yehudah and Esther

Yechezkel ben R Eliezer and Chaya
Moshe ben R Yechezkel and Gisia and his wife Chaya 
Yisrael ben R Yechezkel and Gisia  and his wife Koki
Eliezer ben R Yechezkel and Gisia and his wife Feige

Dr. Haldran Avraham with his wife and children

Shlomo ben R Moshe-Chaim and Sarah
His wife, Eidel bat R Mordecai and Rivka (nee Brickenstein)
Esther bat R Shlomo and Eidel
Rachel bat R Shlomo and Eidel

Solomon-Leib ben R Meir
Amalia Rosenzweig bat Malka
Emanuel Rosenzweig ben R Solomon-Leib
Clara Rosenzweig bat Malka
Shlomo Rosenzweig ben R Solomon-Leib

R Aharon-David ben R Aryeh (died 19 Tishrei)
his wife Gittel-Shifre bat R Mordecai (died 22 Adar)
Esther-Krientzve bat R Meir Epstein 
and her children Aharon-David ben R Kalman Epstein (NY)
Yaakov-Hersch ben R Kalman Epstein (NY)
Avraham ben R Kalman Epstein (NY)
Moshe ben R Aharon-David
Leitza Epstein
Sonia bat R Moshe Epstein
Rachel bat R Moshe Epstein
Chuva bat R Moshe Epstein
Shmuel ben R Moshe Epstein

Chaim ben R Moshe
Bat-Sheva bat R Aharon-David Schwifcz
Malka bat R Chaim Schwifcz
Moshe ben R Chaim Schwifcz
David ben R Chaim Schwifcz 
Nathan ben R Chaim Schwifcz

Yeshaya ben R Aharon-David
Sarah and a child

Yechiel ben R Shaul
Tovah Mager bat R Aharon David Epstein
David ben R Yechiel

Meir, Chaya, Simcha, Esther

His wife, Golda bat R Moshe Epstein
and their two children

Zeilik ben R Yechezkel
Alla Degen bat R Moshe Epstein

Peretz Schwarz [and] Freida

That the Avenger of Blood has remem- bered them; He has not forgotten the cry of the humble.
Psalms 9/13
So that the last generation may know - sons yet to be born - they will mature and tell their own sons.
Psalms 78/6

On the second day of the week, 7th of Sivan, Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty-One (5721) from the Creation of the World, fourteenth year of the State of Israel, and the twenty-first year of the destruction of our community   Skalat and its surrounding towns. 

We, the survivors of Skalat and its surrounding towns, in Israel have gathered at the Mountain of Zion in Jerusalem and built a memorial monument for the holy people of our town and its surrounding towns, who were murdered of the Nazis and their followers in the year  Five Thousand Seven Hundred (5700) - Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Three (5703), and were buried in a strange land. 

In this scroll we are memorializing the names of our relatives and our loved ones so they may have a name and memorial forever.

May this monument and this scroll be a memorial to the sacred and the pure whose thread of life was severed in such a horrifying and cruel way and may their souls be inscribed among the living.

And may this monument and this scroll be a sign of shame for the disgrace and trnal condmnation of these murderers who spilled the blood of innocents.

May their pure blood torture the souls of the murderers so they find no rest.

Our Father, Our King, before our eyes revenge for your servants spilled blood.  Pour your wrath upon them, and let the fierceness of your anger overtake them.  Pursue them with anger and destroy them with Gods name.

Organization of Survivors of Skalat 
and Its Surrounding Towns
In Israel and in Exile 

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