(as told by his niece, Renate Rosenblatt)

My uncle Boruch, went to Vienna with his parents and his older brothers Jakob, Chune and his sister Berta between 1918 and 1920.  About 10 years later he went to France.
As he was still very young, people tried to stop him. In Vienna he had a professional training for goldsmith.
He married in Paris November 24th 1939.  He had an atelier of his own.He joined the French army and later he was hidden from the Germans.  During the war he was hidden by his wife. He worked in bad conditions in someone else's atelier. A piece of melted platinum came in his eye. As he could not get medical care his eye burned away. He suffered for that the rest of his life.
In order to guarantee his wife freedom of movement they were officially divorced. After the war this had to be undone again.
Their only child, born shortly after the war, died as a baby.
He became a well-known and respected designer of jewelry.
He took a lot of effort in correcting his birth certificate  (see below)
In the French transcription the date of circumcision was noted as day of birth. In order to be able to buy a house, he needed correct documents. Thanks to this we now have these documents.
He was the only person from the generation above me whom I have met alive after the war. Only in May 1991 I found out he was living in Paris, he died October 19th that same year...
He told me that the survivors of the family had searched for me and my sister after the war, but they were told we were all killed.....

Renate writes of her Uncle Boruch's birth certificate:

We consider it the most precious document we
have. Boruch must have travelled nearly all his life with this document with
From this document it can be read that the family lived in house 133.

(translation appears below)

Translated from French.

 Translated from Polish

    Republic of Poland


According to the Israelite registrar's office of Skalat, Band XXI 
page 37.
No  of order 9
In the year ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED ELEVEN (1911) the TWENTY SEVENTH (27) of January, is born in Skalat, in the house no 133, a male child, with the given name Boruch, legitimate, legitimated son of Hersch Rosenblatt, shopholder in Skalat and Frada, daughter of Isaak and Chana Linczyc of Tarnoruda.

The circumcision was the 
20 Jan. 1911 in the house nr. 133 in Skalat, by Elie Jawer in the presence of 
P.J. Loscher. 
Midwife: Czarne Goldbrun.

It is certified by those present that the above is on all points a transcription ....... of the registrar's 

Skalat, January 7th, 1924
Was signed, unreadable.

Note:  The translation 
into French reversed 
the dates of birth and circuncision!