Sara and Charles Mages visit to Chortkov

The Sputnik is the only hotel in town where for 5 dollars a night you get a nice room and a very friendly welcome (don't ask about the plumbing but it works). We were in Chortkov on June 29 1999. I took the picture of the bus station the next morning around 7a.m. We took the bus from Chortkov to Ternopol where we took the train to L'vov. The arch is still standing and on it, it says, cemetery from 1915 to 1926, also a Star of David is engraved on it. It was photographed on the 29 of June. What you can't see is a double rusted door. Near it is the Christian cemetery and behind it was a bus depot. It is very hard to find the entry door. We walked around the wall for almost an hour when we saw 2 men sitting next to a car. Charles drew a Star of David on a piece of paper and showed it to them. That did the trick and one of them took us through the Christian cemetery to the entry door of the Jewish cemetery. Charles used the same picture when we were looking for the second cemetery and a nice gentelman took us to the begining of the pathway and pointed to the top of the hill.

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