Rabbis of Strážnice

A number of notable rabbis served the community of Strážnice. Also, some sons of the community became notable rabbis elsewhere.

Rabbis who served in Strážnice

Jaroslav Klenovský compiled a list of known rabbis in his chapter "Historie a památky židovské obce ve Strážnici," in Strážnice: Kapitoly z dějin města (Jiří Pajer, Ed.), 2002. We have drawn from his list and linked to other sources listed at the bottom of this page.

1650-1657Shabbatai HaKohen (Shach) [WKP] [BH]
to 1734Asher ben Daniel [Headstone in Strážnice (likely match)]
1750-1781Meir ben Josef Deutsch (died 1781 in Strážnice)
1794-1798Moses Schreiber (Chatam Sofer) [BH] [JE] [WKP]
1799-1806Mose Ha-Kohen Präger Karpeles
See [JE] on controversy during his appointment in Boskovice.
to 1817Gabriel ben Meir Böhm
to 1822Chaim Oppenheim [Headstone in Strážnice]
1822-1828Issachar Baer Oppenheim, later of Ivancice [JE] [BH]
Son of Chaim
to 1847?Solomon ben Jekuthiel Haas [JE]
1848-1874Samuel Moses Feilbogen [Headstone in Strážnice]
Son of R' Joseph Feilbogen [BH] [JE]
1874-1905Dr. Adolf Friedmann [Headstone in Strážnice]

Rabbis with Strážnice roots


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