Archival Sources
on Jewish Community of Strážnice

Archives in the Czech Republic

Archives in the Czech Republic are organized in a three-tier system at the national, provincial, and local levels. A guide to the overall organization is given in a Wiki entry at

Archival holdings for Strážnice are held in

Each tier in the system has its own focus, but certain collections may be found in more than one location. We abbreviate [NACR] for the National Archives, [MZA:Brno] for the Moravian Land Archive, and [SOkA:Hodonín] for the State District Archive Hodonín. If you can offer corrections or additions to our list, write to the Webmaster.


The matriky are now available online! Unfortunately, the years 1847-1873 are unavailable. In the listings below, N is for Births, O for Marriages, and Z for Deaths. When using the links below, navigate to the Reprodukce tab to get thumbnail links to the images.

Jewish Museum of Prague

The JMP has quite a lot of material on Strážnice, including lists of community members and what their annual payments were, synagogue seating plans and books of community donations. The collection is held at the Archive building in Prague 5.

We will try to gather more information on the holdings at the JMP. If you visit the JMP, we'd like to hear what you find. Write the Webmaster!

Lewin Collection at Yeshiva University Library

This extraordinary collection of Jewish community records of Eastern Europe was amassed by Rabbi Louis Lewin (biography) in the early part of the 20th century. Most of the collection pertains to towns in Posen and Silesia. The collection covers only a single town in the Czech Republic, and this happens to be Strážnice. Material on Strážnice includes:

By volume, the minutes of the town council are the largest part of the collection. Nearly all the material is handwritten in German, and most of it is surprisingly legible. The Yeshiva library catalog (YULIS) notes that the material covers the years 1855-1879, but in fact there is material as early as 1827 and as late as 1911. The collection has been microfilmed, but the originals are accessible as well.

The Special Collections are housed in the Mendel Gottesman Library off Amsterdam Avenue in the northeastern corner of Manhattan. Shulamith Berger is curator.

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