Web Site Credits

Vivian M. Linderman is the web designer, creator and web master of the Stavisht web site. Vivian previously worked on the Stavisht Yizkor Book project where she served as the coordinator encouraging and facilitating the online publication of the Yizkor Book. Her paternal grandparents were Stavishters who settled in Brooklyn and, later, California.

Karen Isabel Sanders is the researcher and creator of the extensive Resident Database that is found on the web site. She worked tirelessly to collect photos, family stories and other items included on the site. Karen also worked on the Yizkor Book project typing the translation into MS Word. Her paternal grandparents were born in Stavisht and made the Bronx, New York their home in America.

Many gracious thank yous to Nathen Gabriel, Rabbi Yehuda Hausman, Ida Selavan Schwarcz and the JewishGen Viewmate volunteers who assisted with translations, and to all the contributors of the wonderful items that appear on the web site, including Lisa Brahin Weinblatt, author of the historical introduction found on the Home page. Lisa is currently working on a book about Stavisht.

And you? If you have travelled to Stavisht or have a box of old photos to share or stories to tell, please join us in making them available to other Stavisht researchers. Contact the web master to share your treasures!