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The Solotvin ShtetlLinks webpage was created by Simon Kreindler and last updated March 22, 2014. Copyright 2014 (Simon Kreindler)

                                                                            Photos of Solotvyn (2006)

The road to Solotwina  Turn right for Solotwina  Solotwina street 1
  Potholed road to Solotvyn                                   Turn R to (Solotvyn), Rusulna, Bohorodchany....   Solotvyn street

  Solotwina street 3   Our guide consulting
                  local citizens
   Solotvyn street                                                     Our guide (red shirt) consulting local citizens re location of Jewish cemetery

  Solotwina synagogue ca. 1900  Buildings adjacent to
                synagogue  Storage in
                former synagogue
   Former synagogue ca. 1900                                Buildings adjacent to synagogue                         Storage facility in former synagogue

     synagogue interior
                        (ground floor)              Synagogue
                        interior (2nd floor)                Holocaust memorial
     Synagogue interior (ground floor)                     Synagogue interior (2nd floor)                              Holocaust memorial

 Solotwina cemetery1 Solotvny
                        Jewish cemetery
Solotwina Jewish cemetery
  Solotvyn's Jewish cemetery                                Jewish cemetery                                                    Jewish cemetery

All photos courtesy of Simon Kreindler, 2006

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