Remembrances of Sochocin

List of Memories of Life in SOCHOCIN (1939)
        by David Zryb

David was born in Sochocin and lived there til 1940's
when he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz.
He survived and immigrated to United States in 1947.

This is a photo of David, Deena and Zalman Bornstein in 1930's.

Approx.   600 Jewish people
Approx.   1200 gentiles
Many of the Jews worked in the button factories
(there were 3-4 factories) and
the buttons were made of shells from the sea.
The factories were located  near the river.
1 big flour mill
2 Jewish bakeries  (1 owned by the Posner family)
Only 1 farm (Plonsk had more farms)
Many orchards   (with tenant farmers -
grew apples, pears, strawberries
my parents worked in the orchards).
2 3 Jewish tailors  (Avrum Zryb was one.
I worked as there as an apprentice).
1 Jewish restaurant
2 Jewish shoemakers (Mendel Zryb was one
and the other shoemaker was someone from the Majufes family).
1 bicycle maker/mechanic (Yonah Zryb)
Public school attended by Jews and Gentiles together.
Doctors and Dentists
Grocery store
2 kosher butchers
2 synagogues (one was Chassidic and one was orthodox)
In the winter,  people ice-skated on the lake.
Some 10 kilometers away was Plonsk
(a much bigger town with a couple thousand Jews).
From Plonsk there was a train to Warsaw that took about one hour.
There were buses that ran out of Sochocin.
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