Identifying Skala Landsleit

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Skala landsleit

This photograph shows the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Judging by the clothing and the ages of the people who can be identified, it was taken in the late 1930s to early 1940s. From the hand-written inscription on the back of the photograph --- "All Skala people" --- it would appear that the photograph shows members of the Skala Benevolent Association vacationing together.

The only people in the photograph who have been identified are (from left to right): Jacob Wiesenthal; Ida Waxman-Einbinder Wiesenthal; possibly Clara Wasserman; Joseph Wasserman.

If you recognize any of the other people in this photograph or if you have photographs of Skala landsleit whom you cannot identify and would like to post your photographs on this page, please contact the Skala Webmaster.

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